Five Reasons Entrepreneurs Would Benefit from Feng Shui Equestrian Art in Their Office Decor

inspirational Feng Shui horse paintings, equestrian gifts

Feng Shui art and Feng Shui paintings play an important role in entrepreneurial success.

A common question asked during job interviews these days is, “What is your spirit animal?” Surprisingly, very few people say horses. Perhaps this is because the horse is more often the symbol for entrepreneurs, one group of people not often seen in job interviews!

Entrepreneurs are free spirits who like to be their own boss, develop their own ideas, and to own them.

Below are the five reasons every entrepreneur should surround himself with inspirational Feng Shui equestrian paintings to invite more luck and success.

Mainly, the horse spirit animal symbolizes that personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. Among all the spirit animals, it is one that shows a strong motivation that carries entrepreneurs through life. The meaning of the horse varies, depending on whether the horse is represented as wild, tamed, moving freely or constrained. Fine art Feng Shui horse paintings run the entire spectrum, from Western scenes of wild horses running free, to cowboys riding horses out on the range, to majestic portraits of Indian chiefs sitting proudly upon their steeds. Simple equestrian portraits of proud riders in full gear standing with their prized horses also capture the spirit.

A second symbol of the horse is a person’s balance between their instinctive and tamed personality. This would speak to the shrewd gambler that an entrepreneur is at heart, knowing when to hold them, and when to fold them in any game of strategy. Taking extreme risks is part of being an entrepreneur, while having the faith enough in a new idea to gamble a venture capitalist’s money. Like any strategy involving risk, luck is always a factor.

Thirdly, any entrepreneur will tell you that luck can carry them down the stretch over the finish line when all else fails. The symbol of the horse, as well as handmade grasshopper gifts, are powerful reminders of good fortune.

Fourth, an office is a necessary evil in the eyes of a true entrepreneur. They would rather be out meeting new investors, trying out and experimenting with new ideas, and just plain exploring what is out there. But the mundane responsibilities of day-to-day office chores usually fall to these solo artists of innovation. They bear the full burden of bringing their new ideas to market, so toil they must under the neon lights late nights just like everybody else.

Put a painting of a stunning Palomino overlooking the Painted Desert, or a jousting knight on a steady steed, and the dreary drudgery of work is instantly diffused.

Fifth, entrepreneurs love to daydream. Inspiration comes in flashes, and that is usually when idea makers are freely thinking of something else. What do they do while they are brainstorming? They stare at the wall. How inspirational is that? Hang a bold equestrian painting, and voila. Your think tank takes on a whole new vibe. You have just raised the bar for the starting point of all your product plotting.

All of the power qualities of horses are typically associated with male traits, but like the yin to the yang, the horse symbol also has a feminine side. With all of the new lady CEOs, you can bet that they love a good Feng Shui equestrian painting as much as the next fella. Get on your boss’ good side with a gift horse. Just a bit of horse sense to put in your cart, with Explosion Luck!