Feng Shui Horse Paintings


Buy Feng Shui horse paintings for prosperity for your home and office.  Of all the animals known to man, horse has had the most profound influence on human development, culture and art.  In Feng Shui horses represent ambition, power, freedom, speed, energy, perseverance and beauty.  Adding an inspirational Feng Shui horse painting or equestrian photo to a home or office decor invites good fortune, prosperity, new opportunities and growth!

Feng Shui Horse Paintings for Prosperity

Equestrian paintings go back thousands of years.  Anthropologists have discovered the presence of horses in human culture dating back 8,000 years. The archetype of the horse is anchored deep within our being. The horse is an enduring symbol of freedom;  comfort and prosperity. Wild horses still remain today and have an iconic presence in recent history such as America's Wild West and the days of the cowboy. But horses in our subconscious date back thousands of years. When we see horses, our minds see a creature that is as old as human society itself.

When a business professional puts an inspirational Feng Shui horse painting on their office wall, they are tapping into a vast hidden power of persuasion. Even people who do not look directly at the equestrian painting will register its presence and the popular perception of horses. The horse is a reminder of all good things both powerful and peaceful. A doctor, a lawyer, or accountant is well served by the pleasing nature and positive energy that a Feng Shui horse painting evokes in their clients and visitors.

Visiting any professional office can be a stressful experience. It has been proven that relaxed clients and customers buy more and do more repeat business.  Human nature dictates that a connection must be made with a person, not a service, in order for a customer to purchase. Horses hanging in an office instantly put people at ease, creating an environment where information can flow and ideas can be conveyed with finesse. Making people more relaxed makes them receptive to understanding concepts and making decisions.

The same is true at home. Where we live our lives is as important as where we make our living. Families rely on harmony to make things work smoothly. Parents pass on experience and learning more effectively to children in environments that are relaxed and peaceful rather than in a house filled with stress and strife. Inspirational Feng Shui horse paintings appeal to all family members. Horses are a favorite of most young girls and perhaps the pet that she may one day have . Mom is just a grown-up girls as well and like to  surround themselves with memories of their childhood.  The old saying goes, "When Mom is happy,  everybody is happy."  Boys and men love horses as well with vision of the rugged cowboy riding across the plain in their mind.

Horses are where it all comes together. And that’s why you need Explosion Luck's Feng Shui horse paintings to bring you closer to harmony and prosperity.