Feng Shui Bird Paintings


Feng Shui bird paintings will liven up any room in your home or office.  Birds are powerful symbols in Feng Shui and are often associated with love, good news and freedom. Bring in more growth, prosperity and good fortune into your life with Feng Shui bird paintings and photos from Explosion Luck for your office or home. Birds help draw in new opportunities while assisting you with releasing that which no longer serves you. Order an interesting fengshui bird painting for love today and invite good fortune into your life!

Feng Shui Bird Paintings for the Office and Home

Using Fung Shway bird paintings in your decor stimulates profound energies. While all birds symbolize freedom, and deliver positive energy associated with good news, each bird holds a different power. Hanging a Fung Shui bird painting in your home can shift the energy dramatically. From helping you gain recognition, inviting in new opportunities, and bringing prosperity and good fortune, paintings of birds also assist with romance by symbolizing love, commitment and abundance. Feng Shui bird paintings are also excellent for repairing relationships and inspiring a departed lover to return.

Feng Shui Paintings for Love

When selecting the right bird painting for you, note the type of bird(s), position of the bird(s), how many there are, their actions and their colors. While all birds are symbols of new opportunities and good fortune, you might be able to elicit a much more specific outcome by focusing on specific elements of the bird painting. It is also important to note which birds appear in your real life before choosing a bird painting. Do certain birds cross your pass more in your life than others? Be aware of how nature is communicating with you to maximize your connection to a specific Feng Shui bird painting for love and the energies which will flow to you from the painting.

To get the best effect from your Feng Shui bird painting for bedroom, research and learn about the various energies associated with specific birds. Our handpicked selection of beautiful bird artwork allows you to choose from many different bird species to take advantage of their specific meanings.

When you find that special Feng Shui bird painting for love that you connect with, place it in your home or office to discover what special messages it holds for you!