Indian Peafowl Male with Tail Fanned Out


Buy Feng Shui horizontal fine art photo Indian Peafowl Male with Tail Fanned Out in Courtship Display, Native to Asia by Tim Fitzharris, which is available for sale in our fine art birds photos collection.

We admire peacocks for their beauty, dignity and elegance.  When courting a mate the blue (or Indian) peacock spreads behind his blue neck a huge fan of iridescent feathers adorned with glowing "eyes".  This is one of the most magnificent displays in the entire animal kingdom.

This inspirational Feng Shui ready-to-hang stretched giclee is printed on high quality artist grade canvas with a gallery wrap finish- with the image mirrored onto the sides.  This inspirational art reproduction is produced in two sizes. 

We will ship this Feng Shui painting in 7-10 days.

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