Feng Shui Still Life Paintings


Buy Feng Shui still life painting to add beauty, grace, peace and nourishment to your home. Explosion Luck's fengshui still life paintings evoke feelings of presence and love. Flower paintings promote loving communication, good luck and are a wonderful way to elicit more romance and sensuality. Scroll down to view our one-of-a-kind special collection of Feng Shui still life paintings.

Feng Shui Still Life Paintings for Office and Home

Are you having trouble staying in the moment? A powerful practice in any energy work is being present. When we attune our awareness to each moment, we are likely to notice more opportunities, avoid conflicts and feel the energies of gratitude and love. A Feng Shui still life painting can add more nourishment and beauty to our lives. A powerful catalyst for higher thinking and beauty, Explosion Luck still life images have been painted by some of the most profound visionaries of our time.

Each unique Fung Shway still life painting in our collection carries the energies of beauty, grace, mindfulness and creativity. In Feng Shui, the symbolic use of flowers is based on universal principles of aliveness and expression. Instead of  eating alone, place a still life painting in your kitchen or dining room to encourage presence with your meal. To create more love, hang a beautiful flower painting in your bedroom. To invoke more harmony in your living or work environment, a Feng Shui still life painting makes an excellent addition to any decor. Examine every unique painting in our collection of Fung Shui still life paintings, to find the still life work of art that speaks to you.

Some still life paintings in our collection will be on sale for only a limited time. Place an exclusive and unique Feng Shui still life painting in your home or office today and experience the magical changes it brings to your life. The vibrant colors and life-like images enhance and project the deepest and innermost recesses of stillness, presence and joy!