Feng Shui Portrait Paintings


Place a beautiful Feng Shui portrait painting in your home to encourage community, connectedness and social standing. Whether you live alone and want to bring in companionship, or if you want to promote communication in the workplace, our special collection of Feng Shui portrait paintings can bring you exactly what you need!

Feng Shui Portrait Paintings for the Office or Home

In Feng Shui, the power of the artist’s imagination influences our state of mind and mood. Whether you're single, in a relationship or live with roommates and other people, hanging up harmonious and loving portrait paintings stimulates connectedness and harmony. If you have been experiencing communication issues, tense and frustrating moments, isolation, loneliness or sadness then placing a positive energy Feng Shui portrait painting in your home makes an excellent and beneficial addition to the decor.

Have you been trying to draw a new person into your life? Maybe you’d like to attract a mentor, partner, baby, more friends, a pet or even deeper social connections? Displaying wall paintings of Buddha, portraits of Feng Shui beauties, of people and special companions, like pets, helps generate the universal energy around that intention. Feng Shui portrait paintings are a positive way to create change in social areas of your life. Art portraits are also very beneficial in the workplace where relationship issues sometimes are strained or go awry.

Explosion Luck's collection of Feng Shui portrait paintings is hand selected from some of the finest imagery available. In addition to offering excellent value, we have chosen imagery that is in alignment with the Feng Shui principles. Our portrait paintings can lead to positive changes in your life at home and at the office including resolving relationship issues and bringing more love and happiness into your life.

Find a unique Feng Shui portrait painting that speaks to you and exemplifies your intention, then hang it in your home or office and see what changes it will bring to your life!