Limited Edition Moving Sand Picture Ballerina- Black


Buy this regal Feng Shui limited edition moving sand picture Ballerina by the sand artist Klaus Bosch, which is available for sale in our moving sands art collection. 

A dynamic and beautiful limited edition moving sand art picture, Ballerina is lovingly created by Klaus Bosch, one of the pioneers of sand art, and succeeds in capturing the only constant in the universe: the element of constant change.

This stunning sandpicture Ballerina in frame adds an element of Feng Shui to your home; offering an ever-cleansing movement that adds fluidity to any room. The sand melts and merges away from pyramid-like structures, or desert-like scenes, to form whatever your imagination can next conjure. The effect is one of immediate relaxation, and you can not help but feel gently drawn in by the pleasantly hypnotic allure of the stunning piece: a warm and welcoming invitation to the only real truth.

This amazing sand art picture will change your mind every single day. Each time the picture turns around, your whole world is turned around with it, your perspective challenged, your notion of the static obliterated. Eternity.

Your moving sand picture comes with a certificate of authenticity, an artist's story card, and is hand numbered. The numbers released are controlled, so you can be sure that your art work is both genuine, and rare.

Each Ballerina piece is handmade, and also completely unique – so you will own a one of a kind sandart masterpiece from the legendary sand artist.

To give you an idea of what you can do with the moving sand art picture Ballerina you buy from Explosion Luck, please view the video here. This video shows a different sand art picture called Midnight, also available for sale at, and is provided as a how-to reference.

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