Moving Sand Picture Aurora Borealis in Frame in Movie Series

$800.00 $858.00

Buy this magnificent Feng Shui moving sand picture Aurora Borealis by the sand artist Klaus Bosch in Movie Series. This falling sand picture is available for sale in our moving sands art collection.  

Above the wintry mountain peaks and icebergs of the great white north, the aurora borealis fills the sky with colors as if the heavens themselves were being painted with an unseen artist's brush. That beautiful vision of moving colors above picturesque wintry landscapes is captured in the inspirational Moving Sand Picture Aurora Borealis.

This exquisite moving sand picture does more than simply hang on the wall. It invites you to interact and bring the scene to life. Invert the artwork and watch as the sand slowly drifts downward, bringing the beauty of the aurora borealis right to the wall or tabletop in your office or home. Like manicuring sand landscapes in the tradition of Feng Shui, watching the movements of the sand stills the mind and calms the spirit. The beautiful tones of midnight blue, vivid turquoise, black and snowy white add color to an interior and will look at home amongst many types of decor.

There are four ways for you to enjoy the moving sand art picture Aurora Borealis. The 13-inch by 9.5-inch Small Sand Art Picture comes with a removable mount for placing it upright on a desk, coffee table or console table. You can also opt for a 16.5-inch by 11.5-inch Medium, or 28-inch by 20-inch Extra Large Sand Art Picture to complement your available space.

All four options include a special wall bracket and the necessary hardware for installation.

Before discarding the shipping box in which your sand picture arrives, please look for the wall mount, screws and injector in the side pocket of the artist's box.

The bracket makes it possible to spin this sandscape artwork without having to remove it from the wall, making the movement of the sand easy to enjoy.

The moving sand art picture you see on this page shows the kind of frame that our small and medium Aurora Borealis sand art pictures come with.  The frames for the large and extra large Aurora Borealis sand art pictures look different, and are not shown here. 

To give you an idea of what you can do with the moving sand art picture Aurora Borealis you buy from Explosion Luck, please view the video here. This video shows a different sand picture called Midnight, also available for sale at, and is provided as a how-to reference.

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