Feng Shui Water Element Paintings


Explosion Luck's beautiful Feng Shui water element paintings are an easy way to incorporate Feng Shui for wealth and prosperity into your home and office Feng Shui. Water, a beautiful example of the nature's art, represents purification and abundance, bringing forth the energies of calmness and renewal. If you work out of a home office, have many visitors, or experience high levels of stress, Fengshui water paintings balance many different energies and draw good fortune to you.

Feng Shui Water Element Paintings for Wealth and Prosperity

Water is a universal symbol of purification and abundance. As a life giving source to all, the element of water represents the birth of new opportunities in your career or romance. Are you ready to let go of the old and bring in the new? Feng Shui water paintings are conducive to mindfulness and meditation.  Maybe you've had trouble financially and would like to invite good luck, abundance and wealth into your life? Feng Shui water element paintings create great Feng Shui for wealth!

The ever shifting movement of water promotes change, progression, healing, and flexibility. To take your business to the next level, hang a Feng Shui waterfall paintings or a Feng Shui ocean painting in your office and home. Inspirational water wall art also helps attract new and interesting friends and people. Hang an interesting Fung Shway water painting in your living room to attract someone new and exciting into your life.

Each one of our stunning Fung Shui water element paintings offers a unique landscape depicting different bodies of water from around the globe. Each water painting resonates with its own unique energy and vibration. Depending on the Feng Shui decor in your home or office, you might select a painting that is more water based, or has just a touch of water. Explosion Luck's unique collection offers a variety of Feng Shui waterscapes to bring prosperity, good fortune and luck into your home.

When selecting one of our most beautiful Feng Shui water element paintings, pay special attention to the feelings and thoughts that each image evokes in you. If you are connecting deeply with a specific Feng Shui water painting you should add that interesting painting to your home or office and experience what it can do for you in person!