Western Art Paintings


Western art paintings focus on the power of Mother Nature used in Feng Shui. Inspirational Western art and cowboy paintings with landscapes, horses and people promote independence and manhood, hard work, social acceptance, ascend to power and success.

Feng Shui Western Cowboy Art Paintings for the Office or the Home

The natural elements of inspirational cowboy art nicely integrate the earth, water, wood, metal and fire elements of Feng Shui. Notice the color usage, form and actions in each painting to determine which one feels right for you.  Explosion Luck offers a diverse collection of western art. Our western cowboy and landscape paintings are full of rich symbolism and Feng Shui colors.

Inspirational Feng Shui western art depicting cowboys and horses is typically full of movement and can be used to enrich a workplace or office with positive energy and team spirit in many different ways. For women, western art prints might bring in the supportive and stable masculine energy that balances the flowing feminine nature. For men, cowboy art might help push their business to the next level, as the horse is typically associated with a speedy ascent to power but also with prominence and comfort.  The tenacity, skill and speed of the cowboy are also excellent Feng Shui qualities that add precision and focus to the workplace or anywhere where there’s a need to get things done!

For a limited time, we are offering our unique collection of western wall art and cowboy paintings at exclusive prices! Our stunning cowboy and western landscape paintings help you draw in the luck, abundance and balance that you need in your home or office.