Feng Shui Wildlife Paintings


Feng Shui wildlife paintings create a living energy in any home or office and enhance the positive life force Chi. Feng Shui animals can have many positive influences from protection to companionship, while connecting you deeply to your own nature. Browse Explosion Luck's incredible selection of fengshui wildlife paintings and select your special painting today!

Feng Shui Wildlife Paintings and Statues for the Office and Home

The greatest way to enhance "Qi" (also known as Chi), or life force, is to work with Feng Shui animal symbols. Animals are a representation of life and give off positive energy through the enhancement of Chi. Wildlife animal paintings have many different meanings, all centered around protection and good luck. In Chinese decorative arts, various animals convey different representations of natural life aspects. Feng Shui wildlife paintings encourage a more fulfilling and well balanced life based on nature.

Our Feng Shui wildlife paintings bring the energy of nature right into your home or office. Each animal holds a different meaning. When selecting your painting, make sure that you are able to recognize the power that the spirit animal represents. The type of animal, its colors, behaviors and the number of animals in the wildlife painting are all symbolically related to the Feng Shui energy which you are creating in your home or office.

The wolf, for example, is a symbol of strength and courage. The wolf embodies instinct linked with intelligence. The wolf is stealthy and silent. Where bears may barge in, wolves will be wary. They are similar, but different in their approach to the same situation. Wolves can be extremely social, or extreme loners; often roaming as a pack of one. This shows the ability to survive on one’s talents with the confidence to ride out tough times when luck may not seem to be going your way. It is sometimes a waiting game, but Feng Shui paintings in your home and office decor will increase the likelihood that luck will come your way.

Feng Shui pictures of ducks and geese are particularly potent. Graceful on water, they channel water energy for their power. They represent the ability to see clearly through emotions; therefore, they are the spirit helper of mystics and seers. Beyond that, they represent the placid and peaceful surface of water, which can be a symbol of floating through life effortlessly.

Fung Shui deer paintings represent gentleness. They also show a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. With deer on the wall, there will be a connection to the outdoors; but there will also be a subconscious nod to the understanding of what is necessary for survival. Sometimes we make our own luck. Other times we must have the ability to listen when luck is knocking on the door.

Place Explosion Luck's handmade grasshopper figurine on your desk, table, or bookshelf in the office or home for better Feng Shui, luck and prosperity. 

Our wide selection of Feng Shui wildlife art, photos, handcrafted grasshopper and cricket statues elicits calm and evocative feelings of connection with your animal spirit guide. Each animal painting is hand selected to increase the Feng Shui energy of luck and protection in your home or office, bringing greater balance and harmony into your life.

Select an Explosion Luck fengshui wildlife painting that represents the energy that you are looking to invite in or balance in your life.