Moving Sand Picture Sombreros Galaxy in Movie


Buy this dazzling Feng Shui moving sand art picture Sombreros Galaxy by the sand artist Klaus Bosch in Movie Series.  It is available for sale in our moving sand art pictures collection.  

This flowing sand art picture comes in two sizes:

small sand art picture- 13" x 8.5";

medium sand art picture- 16.5" x 11.5".

Only the small size sand picture includes a table mount and can be placed on a table. 

All the falling sand pictures for sale on this page, including the small one, can be wall mounted, and come with a special wall bracket, screws and dry wall anchors. 

Before discarding the shipping box in which your sand picture arrives, please look for the wall mount, screws and injector in the side pocket of the artist's box.

Please note that each sand picture is hand made and unique, and the sand colors on the sandpictures you buy may look slightly different from how they appear on your computer screen.

To give you an idea of what you can do with the moving sand art picture Sombreros Galaxy you buy from Explosion Luck, please view the video here. This video shows a different sand art picture called Midnight, also available for sale at, and is provided as a how-to reference.


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