Rufous Hummingbird Male Feeding on Flower Nectar


Buy inspirational Feng Shui vertical fine art photo Rufous Hummingbird Male Feeding on Flower Nectar by Tim Fitzharris, which is available for sale in our fine art bird photos collection. This positive energy ready-to-hang stretched giclee is printed on high quality artist grade canvas with a gallery wrap finish- with the image mirrored onto the sides.  This Feng Shui artwork is produced in two sizes.

There are few creatures as remarkable as the tiny hummingbird who can beat his wings an incredible 70 times every second. If you're lucky, you can catch a quick glimpse of one in the garden on a rare occasion to wonder at its unique qualities, or you can hang the Rufous Hummingbird Male Feeding on Flower Nectar on your wall and admire this tiny bird day after day in your home or place of business. This feng shui photographic print captures a flying hummingbird descending toward the petals of a purple flower. He is found with wings spread, prepared to feast upon the nectar, and in this position it is possible to admire his every feather as well as the innate beauty of the flower beneath him. This photographic canvas instantly adds color and a touch of naturalism to any space.

No wonder American Indians consider the hummingbird a symbol of beauty, harmony, strength and truth.  Its feathers are said to have magical properties and adored Aztec and Mayan gods. 

We will ship this inspirational stretched museum quality giclée on canvas in 7-10 days.


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