Adorable Inuit Art Sculpture Dancing Bear

$785.00 $1,050.00

Buy Feng Shui original Inuit art statue Dancing Bear by Enookie Saggiak, which is available for sale in our Inuit Eskimo art sculptures collection. This authentic Inuit Eskimo art statue is made of serpentine and measures 7.5" x 3.25" x 3".  It has been created in the Inuit hamlet of Cape Dorset, located on the southern tip of Baffin Island. 

In many shamanistic traditions the bear symbolizes strength and courage, and is associated with healing, medicine and wisdom.

Why let a table, a desktop or a shelf remain empty when you can fill it with a work of art that can inspire and delight? The Inuit art sculpture Dancing Bear is the perfect small sculpture to display in a space that is missing that special finishing touch. It's impossible to look at this charming bear in the midst of his dance steps and not smile, as the naturalistic positioning of his body makes the illusion of his dancing seem so very lifelike. At the same time, this sculpture allows you to admire the beauty of authentic serpentine and is a testament to the skill of the artist who created it, making it a truly one-of-a-kind conversation piece for the home or office.

This positive energy collectible Inuit carving Dancing Bear comes with an "Igloo Tag" and is certified by the Government of Canada as being handmade by a Canadian Inuit/ Eskimo artist.


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