The Kiss


Buy inspirational positive energy vertical wall art painting The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, which is available in our portrait paintings collection.

A moment of passion frozen in time will bring romance to the decor of any room when you hang The Kiss in your space. The image of this lovers' embrace brings to mind the way love can transport us from the drab, cold gray of our daily lives and bring color to our worlds, just as the vibrant costuming of this period couple does to the stone staircase where they stand. The cool blues of her dress and the warm browns and reds of his cloak and tights make a bold dynamic that catches the eye and that allows this canvas to look at home among many different color palettes. Hang it somewhere prominent and imagine the events that led up to this special moment.

This romantic ready-to-hang stretched giclee is printed on high quality artist grade canvas with a gallery wrap finish, and comes in two sizes. 

We will ship this stretched museum quality giclée on canvas in 7-10 days.

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