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Buy Unique Romantic Gifts for Her and Him

It can be hard finding great gift ideas and buying the perfect romantic present for that special someone in your life for anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, wedding anniversary, starting a new business, housewarming, Thanksgiving, promotion, Easter, or retirement. When you buy a loved one the best Christmas gift, or a unique "I Love You" gift from Explosion Luck, you’re not only giving them a feng shui painting for wealth or collectible animal figurines to help them open up to love. 

You’re also giving them a top Feng Shui gift that brings good luck and nourishes their mind, spirit and soul.  Inspired by Chinese feng shui art, our great good luck gifts, yoga gifts, Bohemian jewelry, Buddhist meditation gifts, Buddhist art, moving sand art and lucky pictures for home and office create positive energies in the gift recipients' business and house.

With Feng Shui decorating gifts from Explosion Luck, you can help your loved one create a positive energy that promotes love, wealth, prosperity and abundance, and contributes to their happiness and success.

Top Christmas Gifts for Men and Women

Explosion Luck's website offers awesome gift ideas for women and men and has the best Christmas gifts that bring good luck for everyone in your life, including lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, Feng Shui consultants and masters, writers, architects, Buddhists and Buddha lovers, meditation practitioners, yoga lovers, life coaches, energy healers, mindfulness teachers, "type A" persons, travelers, artists, coffee lovers, book lovers, movie lovers, tea lovers, history lovers, mom, dad, grandparents, fiancé or boyfriend, fiancée or girlfriend, teenage guys, mother in law, father in law, dads-to-be and moms-to-be, new Dads and new Moms, and everyone in between.

Best Good Luck Gifts Ideas for Special Occasions

With thousands of unique online gifts to choose from, you will find something perfect for anyone in your life. From a feng shui wood element artwork for your son to a jewelry box for your fiancée to a decorative Buddhist art throw pillow for your aunt to a Chinese desk screen to celebrate your husband's new business to a handcrafted grasshopper art statue for your best friend. Explosion Luck provides awesome gift ideas for men and women and offers unique gifts for her and him, no matter their style.

Every best selling Feng Shui product, item and cure in our unique gifts collection promotes prosperity and success in the lives of those who receive it.

Shop Upscale and Unique Gifts for Him and Her

The Explosion Luck’s handmade good luck gifts collection has thousands of one-of-a-kind upscale gifts inspired by the five Feng Shui elements- water, wood, earth, metal, fire.

From spiritual jewelry and stress-relieving incense burners to decorative feng shui water element artwork and earth element artwork. Our specialty online presents include unique gifts for him and her proudly handmade in the USA, and antique gifts, such as Buddhist artifacts and relics from China, Tibet, Nepal, and India; bronze Buddha statues; executive  porcelain pen holders and porcelain flower vases; and Tibetan thangkas.

All of our unique feng shui specialty gifts bring positive change and good fortune to your loved ones and friends. Encourage their success at work with moving sand art pictures and sand picture frames, or give them Asian good luck charms and Feng Shui necklaces to wear close to their hearts. Whether you’re looking for feng shui paintings, sand pictures, animal art sculptures, meditating Buddha statues, grasshopper mini figurines, Tibetan jewelry or protection charms, Explosion Luck has inventive good luck gifts for men and women for every special occasion.

Lucky Gifts Keep on Giving

Don’t fall back on the gifts you’re used to giving. Instead, give unique and memorable presents. With Explosion Luck, you can give lucky gifts that will inspire people to live a life of abundance. All of the good luck presents are hand picked because they possess positive feng shui energy ("Chi").

With Asian good luck charms and antique porcelain gifts from Explosion Luck, your loved ones will maximize their potential and thrive in all areas of life.  Our unique presents aren’t just one-time lucky gifts, either. They keep giving day after day, month after month. The positive energy emitted from them will continue to influence your loved one’s mindset and prosperity in a positive way for years to come.

Explore creative good luck gift ideas and shop Feng Shui (also spelled Fung Shway, Fung Shui or Fengshui) products, paintings, handcrafted Bohemian necklaces, Buddhist jewelry, handmade crickets, grasshopper art, collectible frog and turtle figurines, Tibetan thangkas, Kwan Yin gifts, amazing stress relief gifts for her and him, interesting paintings at exclusive prices now!