Sand Art Pictures in Frames


Buy moving sand pictures, wall mountable sand art pictures, sandpicture frames, sandscape art, wall sand displays, desktop sand paintings and tabletop moving sand art and falling sand art gifts in a variety of colors, designs and frames.  These stunning moving picture frames, sand art displays and 3D handmade sandpictures will melt away stress, promote mindfulness and improve the Feng Shui of any office and home.

All sand picture in frames representing moving or falling sand belong to fengshui earth element artwork and assist with focus, productivity, balance and meditation. These one-of-a-kind wall mount and stand type sand art designs for sale at Explosion Luck make unique gifts for men, women and kids for any special occasion. 

Shop for small, medium, large and extra large framed sand art pictures to decorate your home and office walls, desks, tables and bookshelves.

Sand Art Pictures for an Improved Office and Home Feng Shui

Many people want to know where to buy sand art products.  The online gift store Explosion Luck offers unique handmade sand gifts, including moving sand art, sandscape moving sand pictures, sand picture frames, sand art paintings, wall sand displays, moving sandpictures, rotating wall art, liquid sand pictures in frames and sand desk art.  These one-of-a-kind sand art gifts embody the flow and movement of water while representing the stability of earth’s natural elements.

These best selling sand art in motion pictures will put your clients and guests at ease to enjoy the Feng Shui of your office or home.

Next time you walk into a dentist or doctor’s office take time to notice liquid sand art in frames on office walls, tables and desks. Often times you will find wall mounted moving sand pictures in frames, as well as stand alone sand art decorating office desks, tables and bookcases.  Moving sand pictures with different kinds of sand are strategically and artfully chosen to exude peacefulness and trust. If you don’t currently own any framed sand art, you and your guests are missing out.

Framed Sand Art, Color Art Sand Pictures

Each exotic sand art picture has between five to seven different densities of sand of various colors that create amazing landscapes and natural formations right there, in front of your eyes.  When selecting your Feng Shui moving sand pictures, sand desk art and kinetic sand art gifts consider what each sand art design represents. From the background to the art picture’s colors, frame and size, each exotic sand picture frame offers a unique and individual expression of the various fengshui elements.

Do you need more grounding, passion, concentration, peace, abundance? Consider the many granules of our best selling color art sand and how each one forms its own unique and exotic design. This is an excellent energy for creating prosperous ventures with your clients and your guests. Flowing, moving and falling sand art represents the movement of time and can help those living a fast paced lifestyle to slow down and stay present in the moment. The calming effect from the colors, frames and movements of falling sand art designs will create positive energy in your home or office that will stay for a lifetime.

These one-of-a-kind, high quality moving sandart pictures for desks and walls are an important addition to the most important room of a home or office suite. They act as a perfect complement to the existing Feng Shui artwork, products and cures, such as Tibetan thangkas, good luck cricket gifts, Feng Shui grasshoppers, sitting Buddha statues, Feng Shui jewelry, art pictures for office and Feng Shui paintings.

Best Selling Liquid Sand Art on Explosion Luck's Sand Art Website

For a limited time, you can own a unique moving sand art picture in vibrant colors featuring extra large, medium, small and large liquid sand art at an EXCLUSIVE price on our moving sand art website. These collectible movable sand art pictures and moving sandpictures are not only powerful good luck gifts but also a great addition to any room's Feng Shui sand art decor and Zen decorating! Purchase a special flowing sand art painting, a unique sand art gift, or a stunning wall sand display for your office, or for any room that needs a powerful, grounding and creative energy!