Good Luck Pendant Necklaces


Buy Feng Shui jewelry for good luck, love, health and wealth.  Experience the remarkable effects of this spiritual healing jewelry for good energy that blends Tibetan thangka paintings and Feng Shui art in wearable form.

Wearing lucky Bohemian necklaces, Tibetan Buddhist pendants, Chinese jade jewelry and Asian good luck charms is an excellent way to amplify the effects of the powerfully stimulating Feng Shui art and inspirational Tibetan thangkas, thangka tapestries, and Fengshui paintings used in home and office decoration.  These unique wearable art gifts double up as amulet jewelry and talisman pendants and include handmade Feng Shui jewelry, lucky Buddha pendants, yoga jewelry, healing crystal necklaces that bring good luck, Chinese good luck charms for women and men alike, yoga jewelry and meditation jewelry gifts.

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Good Luck Designer Jewelry for Women and Men

Inspirational Feng Shui necklaces and spiritual Tibetan Buddhist jewelry gifts that bring good luck work by combining beautiful art with quality materials and individual intention. They marry traditional Eastern art with exceptional design and unrivaled craftsmanship.  In doing so, Feng Shui jewelry, similarly to Feng Shui art, helps energetically harmonize homes, workplaces and lives.

But Feng Shui isn't just the art of directing greater quantities of positive healing energy into homes and workplaces. Our own bodies are temples and with good luck jewelry and fengshui necklaces they can easily be turned into our own personal Feng Shui power houses.

Whether you’re a busy executive with no time to take care of yourself, or a doctor, lawyer or therapist spending your days taking care of others, you deserve an easy way to bring more wealth, more good energy, and more happiness into your life.

Tibetan Buddhist jewelry gifts are a perfect, beautiful way to empower yourself and feel a surge of positive effects across all aspects of your life. You’ll see the benefits of this Feng Shui lucky charms jewelry throughout your career, love life, family, and even your bank account.

Explosion Luck's spiritual feng shui jewelry, chic Bohemian necklaces, Tibetan jewelry, yoga pendants, gypsy jewelry and lucky feng shui jewelry gifts help you consciously invite love, luck, health and wealth into your life.

In much the same way that cosmic ordering empowers people to succeed and reach their goals and professional and personal ambitions every day, Explosion Luck's Feng Shui necklaces are beautiful and bold personal statements about the kind of positive Feng Shui good luck energy you want around you at any one moment.  Merely touching these meditation jewelry pendants can bring you a feeling of peace, mindfulness and prosperity throughout the day.

Weaving style with spirituality, mindfulness, New Age and feng shui, our Bohemian style meditation jewelry gifts help alleviate stress, promote your body's own powerful healing and regenerative abilities, and focus your mind and innate energy on success in reaching your professional and personal aspirations.

Feng Shui Necklaces: Unique Good Luck Gifts for Her and for Him

More than Feng Shui art and much more than just upscale costume jewelry or chic unisex Boho designer jewelry pieces, Explosion Luck's best selling jewellery store quality handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist Thangka pendants (also spelled thanka pendants, tangka pendants, or tanka pendants), antique Tibetan amber jewelry, Feng Shui necklace jewelry, New Age jewelry, Asian good luck charms and healing crystal jewelry pieces are suitable for everyone- from cubicle office workers looking for a way to channel positive chi into achieving their next big promotion, to mindful entrepreneurs wanting to embrace prosperity through holistic lifestyle and meditation.

Our Chinese Feng Shui designer jewelry is available in stunning hand-carved jade stone designs depicting a laughing Buddha, the Chinese good luck symbol Fu, Chinese goddess of mercy Guanyin, and the Feng Shui twin dragon.  Tibetan thangka wearable art jewelry made of crystals and metal comes in lush colors and depicts Tibetan Buddhist deities, symbols, motifs and relics. They let you carry their spiritually healing energy with you, close to your heart, wherever you go.

If you want to invite good fortune into either you own life or that of someone special, give them the good luck gift of jewelry store quality Feng Shui pendants and jewelry.  Select your favorite Feng Shui jewelry box for your newly found Feng Shui good luck pendant necklaces!