Tibetan Thangka Paintings for Meditation


Buy Tibetan Buddhist thangka paintings, also known as buddhist thangka paintings, or Buddha thangkas, to surround yourself with the positive energy of meditating Buddha paintings.  Explosion Luck's unique meditation gifts, such as Bohemian style Tibetan Buddhist thangkas and interesting Buddhist paintings are an excellent way to harmonize any office and home Feng Shui in order to boost health, prosperity, and career advancement!

Tibetan Thangkas (also spelled tangkas, thankas or tankas) depicting Buddhist gods and deities bring good luck and positive energy to any office space.  Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas, along with other meditative Buddhist art and Tibetan art gifts, such as sitting Buddha statues and mandala paintings, are commonly used for meditation and for setting up Buddhist altars, sacred spaces and Buddhist shrines.  They make great meditation gifts for mindful men and women, as well as good luck gifts for her and him for all occasions.  Tibetan Buddhist thangkas also enhance personal healing and increase focus, concentration, mindfulness and prosperity!

Inspiring Buddha wall decor, reminiscent of hippie wall hangings and gypsy tapestries, is rich with culture and ripe with the depiction of deities pursuing enlightenment as they transcend the snares of desire and attachment. Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas are also proven to protect you from evil as well as bring good luck, health, and prosperity!

Tibetan Thangkas for Improved Feng Shui in Offices & Homes

Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas serve as contemplative meditation artwork that heals spiritual ailments and removes bad spirits!

Doctors… Lawyers… Entrepreneurs... Scientists... Therapists… Realtors... Architects... Builders... Designers... Writers... have all had long and special relationships with Buddha Thangkas- Buddha tapestry wall hangings- without even realizing it! Every member of these professions experiences intense and stressful work lifestyles. Tibetan Thangkas watch over you and protect you from the negative energy and stress that both hectic professional and personal lives bring. 

When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, Tibetan Buddhist Thankas allow you to tap into your spiritual self through healing and chakra meditation! Enjoy the comfort of your personal Tibetan Thangka in your Feng Shui office, Feng Shui house, special meditation room, or contemplative garden! You will immediately notice the increased positive feelings and improved work/life balance!

When a business professional places a Tibetan Thangka in their office, they are enhancing their status as a professional proclaiming “I live a positive Feng Shui inspired mindful life, free from negative energy, evil spirits and bad luck!” Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas give confidence and power mixed with wisdom and compassion. They create major business opportunities through their history of success and positive feelings! Add one of our Buddha Thangkas to your office to maximize the Feng Shui for your career advancement!

Tibetan Thangkas are essential for maintaining a professional status, creating future business success and allowing anyone to rise to and remain at the top of their professional field. Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas watch over you, create positive energy, and act as Feng Shui good luck charms. Reach your potential by hanging a Tibetan Thangka tapestry in your office or in your Buddhist altar today!!!

But wait...


Tibetan Thangkas as Meditation Gifts for Good Health, Love and Prosperity

It’s not just the workplace that benefits from Tibetan Thangkas! Any home can be filled with the same feelings of good luck, well-being and positivity as the office. Maximize health and wellness, your capacity to love and your prosperity through healing and chakra meditation with a Tibetan Thangka in the home.

Happiness will increase in your personal life…Your relationships will become more fulfilling and stress will decrease because of a special Thangka for Buddhist meditation!  After a long and difficult day at work and coming home to the hectic evening routines, a boho Tibetan Thangka provides the right amount of positivity to step back and realize how great life truly can be!

Everyone seeks positivity and protection from negative energy! Everyone needs a strategy to deal with their stressful life and a way to meditate and heal the pain of the past.

Order buddhist thangka paintings as unique feng shui gifts for meditation and mindfulness today to elevate your professional and personal life!