White Tara

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Buy inspirational Buddha thangka White Tara. This vertical spiritual tapestry, 24" x 35", with a gold embroidery is great for feng shui in the home and office feng shui, as a  splendid meditation artwork, and a gift for yoga enthusiasts. White Tara, or Sitatara, the manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, is a protector and preserver of life and a long-life deity.

This Tibetan thanka is available for sale in our Tibetan thangka tapestry collection.

White Tara is shown here with seven eyes: one on the forehead, two in the usual places, two on both palms, as well as two more on the soles of her feet. This symbolizes her capacity to see all those in need, and means that everything she undertakes is done with her omniscient awareness.

Invite this Buddha thangka White Tara into your home and office. Use it for feng shui, meditation, to bring positive energy into your space, and to delight yourself and others with the life-prolonging and healing benefits of this inspirational Buddhist artwork.  To amplify the power of this Feng Shui art, wear White Tara pendant necklace close to your heart.

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