Good Luck Christmas Gifts for Women at Explosion Luck

foolproof Christmas gift ideas and Christmas gifts for women at Explosion Luck

Looking for good luck Christmas gifts for picky moms, or gifts for hard to buy for female? At Explosion Luck, we have tons of the best 2016 Christmas gifts for her that will delight every lady on your list. Any one of these gift options will speak volumes of how much your treasure the special woman in your life.

Feng Shui Silver Cricket

Giving someone a cricket as gift, especially a woman, might come off as a little strange; but do you remember the cute cricket from the Disney movie Mulan? He was a lucky little guy. Literally. In China, crickets are often kept as pets, because the Chinese love the beautiful songs they make. The cricket has been viewed as a bringer of luck and a magnet for warmth, love, and happiness. So when you choose to gift a lady this adorable cricket statue, you are wishing her good fortune in the New Year.

The silver cricket makes a great addition to the office or the bedroom, since it is striking in appearance but only 3”x6” in size. The other color option at Explosion Luck is the Feng Shui Golden Cricket, which has gold limbs and a blue body.

White Enamel Feng Shui Jewelry Box

Unique jewelry boxes, like the White Enamel Feng Shui Jewelry Box from Explosion Luck, make wonderful Christmas gifts, because they can double as package and present. When gifting a Feng Shui gift, you are sending wishes of harmony and tranquility. The vibrant colors and golden inlay are eye-catching, and the detail will be the perfect accent to any lady’s collection. The dimensions are 3.5” x 1.25”, making it the perfect size to place on a vanity or desk, or on display in the curio.

Purple Butterfly Feng Shui Pendant Necklace

In China, butterflies symbolize things like long life, elegance, beauty, young love and long life. So when you gift the special girl or woman in your life with this lucky jewelry pendant, you know your best wishes are with them. Any woman who loves butterflies will surely love the details of this pendant, with the various purples of the gemstones and swirl of silver. The pendant is small and delicate (at 1.5” x 2.25”) and comes with a 27” metal chain so it sits at a tasteful place on the chest.

Pairing a pendant and a jewelry box double the satisfaction and surprise. Plus, the purple butterfly matches the one shown on the previously mentioned Feng Shui jewelry box.

Orchid Standing in the Morning Wind Chinese Porcelain Vase

Do you have a special lady who seems to always be at the office or running a home office? Spruce up her space with a miniature porcelain vase, which can be used to hold a single rose or even some high-quality pens. This wish for productivity and fortune can be seen in the white orchid flowers decorating this delicate work of art. Symbolically, the orchid means scholarly endeavors, integrity, and nobility. Not only will she feel empowered every time she looks at the beautiful flowers, she will remember it was you who gifted it to her.

Bonus points if you make a simple flower arrangement using the vase when giving it to her.

“When I’m With You” Romantic Gift

Remind her of your joy and love whenever you are apart by gifting your lucky lady with this stunning statue of two turtles with shimmering teal shells. In Feng Shui art these majestic creatures are also seen as representatives of longevity, peace, good fortune. So if your sweetheart happens to be a water person, loves turtles, or simply needs something to brighten up the workspace, this is the perfect option. Also, gifting this to your sweetheart will boost her creativity and send her loving vibes all day long. Since the statue is 12” x 7” x 5’, it will stand out wonderfully on a mantle, desktop, or shelf.

Moving Sand Art Picture Aurora Borealis in Frame Movie Series

Bring the Northern Lights to a lovely lady with this amazing art created by Klaus Bosch. The best part is that you can alter the landscape by inverting the frame, allowing the sands to shift and move. Not only does this scene soothe the mind, the colors complement any space that is used for relaxation (or needs it)—yoga studios, home book nooks, offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. Ladies who love entertaining will also find that having their personal aurora borealis is a wonderful conversation piece. Best of all, she will have you to thank for it!

The moving sand art picture also comes in different sizes, so you can choose the size you think the receiver will enjoy most. Additionally, all Klaus Bosch wall sand art comes with an installation bracket and all required hardware for stress-free hanging.