Unique Christmas Gifts for Men at Explosion Luck

buy good luck Christmas gifts for men at Explosion Luck


With Christmas and the holiday season coming up, it seems many individuals have a long list of gift recipients who are men and are looking for unique gift ideas for men. Everyone knows at least one man who is impossible to buy for. What do you buy for the man who has everything? Whether it’s for your boyfriend, husband, brother, father or friend, trust in Explosion Luck’s assortment of the best gifts for men.

Check out our foolproof Christmas gift ideas for men and choose from a variety of the best gifts for husband and boyfriend. Among these are feng shui inspired vintage gifts for men. These antique gifts for him bring peace and calmness to the rooms they inhabit and to the inhabitants of those rooms. Among these gifts available for the man in your life are antique Buddha statues and Kwan Yin statues, pendants, vintage pipes for smoking and various home décor. These gifts are perfect for men who value Feng Shui, practice mindfulness or collect vintage and antique items.

Tibetan Thangkas tapestries are wall décor items depicting Buddhist deities. These works of art not only yield positive energy and bring peace to a room, but they also protect your home from evil and the temptations that come from desire and envy. Tibetan Thangkas are among the top 10 gifts for men. This unique gift for men brings with it strong feelings of peace, concentration and mindfulness. For someone looking for good Christmas gifts for men, consider a Tibetan thangka for the men in your life.

Liquid sand art pictures are another example of unique moving sand gifts in frames that any man will be proud to display in his home and office.

It’s not always easy coming up with gifts for men ideas. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Kwan Yin gifts comprise an assortment of feng shui products inspired by Buddhist art and the Chinese goddess of Mercy. Great Kwan Yin gifts for boyfriends and husbands include statues, tapestries and pendants with the depictions of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. These gifts, when placed in a new room, shift energy levels and promote mindfulness. Show a mindful man you care by buying him a prosperity-inspiring Kwan Yin gift.

Look no further for mindful and decorative gifts for husbands and boyfriends. Handmade grasshopper statues and handcrafted cricket art statues will bring good luck and positivity to the recipient. This makes Explosion Luck’s grasshopper and cricket statues great mens gifts. In nature, the cricket and grasshopper are beautiful and naturally harmonious creatures. This natural harmony makes these handmade grasshopper and cricket statues key to achieving peace and harmony in life and in a home or office.

While thinking about feng shui office and home decor, consider giving your man a unique executive porcelain pen holder, or a vintage Chinese porcelain vase as a special gift for career success.

Buy spiritual jewelry for a man in your life, and you’ll gift him good luck, good health, love and wealth. Bohemian necklaces, Tibetan jewelry and Feng Shui good luck charms for men will promote inner peace, mindfulness and good luck. Explosion Luck’s assorted spiritual jewelry is a great gift for all men, but especially men who have everything, men who value Feng Shui art and positive energy.

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