Unique Gifts for Lawyers That Any Attorney Will Love

Your Honor unique gift for lawyers at Explosion Luck


We’ve blogged about Feng Shui paintings for a law office as unique stress relief gifts for lawyers.

Attorneys, and especially "Type A" personality lawyers, can be a tough bunch to shop for, be it for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or other special occasion. Many lawyers already have everything. They are usually rather picky and critical, which is the reason they are lawyers. And they are usually outspoken about things they do not like, making it even harder to buy a unique gift for them. And then there so many different occasions and gift buying opportunities: gifts for lawyers passing the bar, gifts for lawyers who make partner, birthday gifts for lawyers, gifts for lawyer boyfriend, gifts for lawyer girlfriend!

Fortunately, Explosion Luck has some excellent good luck gifts for attorneys that will make almost any lawyer smile and will even help them achieve inner peace. And these one-of-a-kind gifts will match every lawyer's taste, irrespective of whether he or she is a coffee lover, or a tea lover.  The first unique gift for a lawyer is a painting entitled "A Prickly Problem," showing a dog who is trying to figure out how to attack a porcupine. The dog is sitting on its haunches with one paw raised, clearly at a loss for what to do. This picture will instantly resonate with most lawyers. After all, it is the nature of their business to solve impossible problems that no one else could hope to solve. Clients expect it of them daily. But that does not make the problems any easier.

The second unique gift which we believe almost any lawyer will love is a six panel Chinese desk screen, just under a foot tall, with a colorful picture extending across the panels of fish swimming through lakeside flowers; plum blossom and Feng Shui birds and flowers. Not only is this office ornament sure to prompt comment from every client who enters the attorney's office, but it allows him to hide some of the messy files on his desk. And if the attorney gets a bit sleepy, he can even take a quick catnap behind his screen, free from the inquisitive eyes of his secretary and staff.

The next unique gift is one of the beautiful, hand-made grasshopper figurines offered exclusively by Explosion Luck. While all of the colorful grasshopper gifts are breath-taking sights to behold, the one sure to please any lawyer is a white, blue and purple piece entitled "Your Honor." No matter how confident a lawyer is, he/she knows that the judge they will soon face in the courtroom can make them look like they just got out of first grade. At least in the sanctity of the lawyer's office, they can have a captive judge who will do them no harm.

The fourth unique gift, and one which is sure to become the lawyer's favorite, is a moving sand art picture. In particular, the one with a background image of planet earth is particularly appropriate for the lawyer, since it serves as a reminder that there are bigger things going on in the world than the tedious cases the lawyer has strewn across his desk.

Explosion Luck's sand art pictures provide a fascinating and ever-changing artistic landscape. Falling sand is trapped in either the bottom or top part of the picture, and if the entire picture frame is turned upside-down, sand trickles down from top to bottom, creating a constantly changing horizon on both the upper and lower parts of the picture. Small mountains at the bottom grow constantly bigger as they are fed with sand from above, while the mountains of sand at the top grow ever smaller. To change everything all over again, all one has to do is invert the picture once more, which the specially designed frame easily allows.

The final unique gift which any attorney would enjoy is a 1 1/2' square pillow cover, which sports an image of Vaishravana (the god of wealth) on its cotton surface. Wealth is a very significant part of any attorney's practice, and the reminder of wealth this pillow cover provides will sometimes give the motivation an attorney needs to carry on with his stressful lifestyle.

And of course, if he or she gets sleepy, they can always use their pillow to catch a quick snooze behind their Chinese desk screen …