Unique Non-Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

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Feng Shui art is a ritual and a way of life. Tea drinking is a ritual, a comfort, a habit.

Whether you favor a ‘builder's’ - strong black tea with milk and sugar, or the finest green tea with jasmine, chances are you set aside time specifically to make a brew, at a certain time of the day. You may well have your favorite blend and a special mug. It may be a time for others to know they can call on you for a chat or a chance for some downtime with a closed office door and soothing music.

However you approach enjoying a cup of tea, it is likely similar in manner to those who harness the power of feng shui art to empower their lives. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that helps enhance energies so that all people and things can exist harmoniously together. Originally this meant orientating buildings to the most auspicious alignment. At the online unique gifts store Explosion Luck we carry a lot of Feng Shui gifts, products and items to help you improve the energies of your office and home, and thus create positive changes in your business and personal lives.

The unique feng shui products for women and men, including unique Kwan Yin gifts for health, mediation, better concentration, good luck and prosperity, as well as vintage Chinese teapots that we carry are suitable as thoughtful gifts for others as well as pieces to spoil yourself with. They are suitable for home or office display and will bestow a variety of blessings upon the place where they are displayed as well as drawing comments on their colors, frames, looks or design. If you don’t like the idea of ornaments, and not everyone does, you can carry your own good luck with you at all times. You can enhance the goodness granted by your daily cups of green tea with a striking pendant bringing good luck, wealth and health. These spiritual jewelry pendants make unique gifts for women and men and are based on the Tibetan thangka tradition of a piece of personal meditative art. As you would expect, the paintings on the pendants are delicate and detailed, like a fragrant Earl Grey Pekoe.

One of the more unusual gifts we offer is the selection of grasshopper and cricket ornaments. These noisy insects spread joy wherever they hop, and with their vibrant colors they will brighten up any space. These feng shui statues and figurines are all handmade, so each is unique, and because they are available in such a wide variety of colors there will be one to suit any room. As bright and positive as you feel after your first cup of tea of the day, these cheerful good luck charms make ideal drinking companions. You can sit and admire the light dancing off their wings as you slowly sip your tea and feel your worries smooth away. These lucky grasshopper and cricket figures make unique gifts for a businessman and a business woman who can display them on a shelf or desk in their office to invite career success and prosperity.

You can display Tibetan thangka on a wall in a living room or foyer, office, board room or bedroom. These detailed spiritual tapestries make great meditation pieces, due to the vibrancy of design, and of course, they bring career progression, health and prosperity too. One of these thangkas would be appropriate to display in an interview room or reception area where prospective candidates will see it. The knowing will recognize its positivity and many others may well find it relaxing to lose themselves in the rich designs for a few minutes before the interview. Offer them a cup of tea brewed in a vintage Chinese bronze teapot to calm them, and you may well see the best of them during the interview.

Just like unique gifts for tea lovers, feng shui paintings are suitable for both men and women. They have the added bonus of offering more than a few minutes’ quiet contemplation, as they bring wealth, prosperity and abundance to the recipient. Plus, they’re truly restful scenes of water, birds, still life and landscapes which would suit any room. Have you considered giving a unique stress relief gift set to that really difficult person to buy for that everyone has in their family?