Antique Teapot with The Eight Daoist Immortals

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Buy the unique bronze Chinese teapot featuring the Eight Daoist Immortals.

The Chinese stamp reads: Made during Xuande Emperor's period, Ming Dynasty.

The Eight Immortals, the symbols of immortality,  are known to reside in paradise known as the Isles of the Blessed (or the Penglai Islands). Among them are:

He Xiangzi, the only female, often depicted holding a long-stemmed lotus or a peach. She is known as the patron of housewives.

Cao Guojiu, the only nobleman,  identified by castanets and ./ or scepter. He is known as the patron of actors and actresses.

Li Tieguai wears rags and holds calabash gourd bottle (hulu); and is depicted bent over with an iron crutch. He is known as the patron of the sick.

Lan Caihe- sometimes depicted as a young male and other times as a young female; is the patron of florists and gardeners.

Lü Dongbin- carries a magic ying/yang sword and is known for prodigious drinking and prowess in fighting. He is known as the patron of barbers.

Han Xiangzi - his flute identifies him as the patron of musicians. 

Zhang Guolao - is depicted riding a white donkey, and sometimes riding a toad.  He is known as the patron of artists and calligraphers.

Zhongli Quan- (also known as Han Zhongli and Zhongli Quan) - a former general during the Han dynasty who suffered defeat in an expedition against the Tibetans.  He always holds a feather to revive the dead. He is known as the patron of the military.

This antique feng shui teapot measures 6" x 6" x 5", and is a great gift for any occasion.

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