Chinese Hand Fans as Feng Shui Decorating Accessories


If you are passionate about feng shui interior design and follow the latest fashion trends you will appreciate Chinese hand fans as timeless and ultimately unique wearable art pieces.

In the Far East, Chinese hand fans have been used for thousands of years, in order to denote style and sophistication like no other wearable fashion accessory. In fact, for both men and women, the Chinese hand fan is a symbol of both nobility and exemplary personal fashion consciousness.

Given the renewed interest in traditional Asian fashion, art and Asian antiques, such as Chinese opium pipes and tobacco smoking pipes, it’s no secret that the Chinese hand fan has fast become a must have niche accessory for thousands of western women and fashion aficionados. Not only are Chinese hand fans being regularly seen on Parisian, London, and New York catwalks, they are also being increasingly used as superb feng shui decorating accessories for home and office.

Chinese Hand Fans as Unique Office Desk Accessories

Because our authentic Chinese hand fans feature beautiful feng shui images and superb craftsmanship, they make fantastic additions to a desk, a table, or mantle in the work office and in home office.

These Asian hand fans will look gorgeous standing alone, and will serve as stylish office desk accessories surrounded by amethyst crystal clusters and placed inside the Chinese porcelain vases and inside the executive porcelain pen holder for sale at Explosion Luck.

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