How to Attract Good Luck with Feng Shui

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Every person, irrespective of their status in life, is in need of more good luck: gamblers and lawyers, entrepreneurs and travelers, doctors and athletes.  We believe that you, like everyone else, want to attract good luck, love and wealth into your life. For us the question is: How can we help you attract good luck with Feng Shui? 

Chinese Feng Shui art and science is a good place to start.  Feng Shui is all about the relationship between the flows of energies.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that is described as follows: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” In other words, thoughts and things that are similar to each other are drawn to each other. They are said to have a similar “vibration” levels.

There is significant overlap between Feng Shui and The Law of Attraction in that both metaphysical disciplines focus on good and positive energy vs negative energy. The biggest differences occur where they tend to get applied.

Feng Shui is generally applied to the home and to the workplace where human beings spend the vast majority of their time. By improving the positive energy of our immediate environment we can bring positive changes in the important areas of our lives, such as relationships, career, health, prosperity.

Similarly, The Law of Attraction is applied to general categories in life, such as health, wealth, relationships, events, and life in general.

So, we can say that Feng Shui and The Law of Attraction are two ways of describing the same thing: how energy flows in life.

One of the most confusing aspects of The Law of Attraction for many people is the role that positive and negative play in our own thought patterns. The key is to understand when a thought is truly positive and when it is negative.

When a thought focuses on the lack of a positive thing, the thought itself is negative, even though the subject matter of the thought points to something positive. So if you are hoping to attract money into your life, for example, noticing the lack of money actually focuses on the lack and produces negative results.

Similarly, focusing on not having enough good health attracts more bad health, even though the prayer or wish expresses a desire for better health.

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