The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Your Dreams With Feng Shui Paintings, Buddha Thangkas

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I've got a question for you. It's a big one, and could change your life around. So, listen up carefully. What do you want the most in your life?

Is it finding true love? Or acquiring wealth? Or experiencing an explosion of good luck? Or having the good health you always dreamed of?

Or buying good luck paintings for home?

Maybe you want to do well in your work life, or achieve success in a certain area in your life.

We all desire something which lies rooted in the core of our hearts. Luckily, you can achieve this with Feng Shui art.

Achieving these things is certainly not easy, but is possible.

Feng shui wall art and Buddhist art thangkas have the power to transform your life. No matter what you desire most in your life, it's possible to acquire this through Feng Shui wall art.
Choosing the perfect Feng Shui wall art piece can be very difficult but with the right steps, you can reach your dreams simply and easily.
This comprehensive guide will show you how to achieve your dreams with Feng Shui wall art, unique good luck gifts for him and her and get insights on Feng Shui for health, love, success, inner peace and much more.


Feng Shui Paintings for Success

Want to become successful in a certain aspect in your life, be it finance, family or career? Feel like success is too far down the road for you? Want to bring success into your life right now? Check out these feng shui paintings for wealth, prosperity, abundance!

Mountains - An image of a mountain is one of the most powerful Fend Shui wall art images you can ever use. It creates a focal point in the room, and allows you to focus your thoughts on the goals you want to achieve. It surpasses all its obstacles as its peak rises higher than the clouds. A mountain is truly invincible. As you look at the painting of the mountain, you will remember the goals you want to achieve and create positive thoughts towards those goals. 


A painting of a bird symbolizes freedom, prosperity and good fortune. Birds are inspiring creatures that live in harmony with one another, and are always on the lookout for their family and community. Birds are always searching for new opportunities; you can see this when they search for places to nest, look for food such as worms and circle around houses in search of any leftover food, even crumbs.

By placing a bird painting on your wall either at home or in the workplace, you will receive more opportunities which will all lead to more success in the future. 


Feng Shui Paintings for Love

Still searching for your true love? It is difficult, but with a painting, true love will become real. You'll discover the person who's right for you, that loves you back and will live a life of happiness with you. Want that? Check these out.

Portrait Paintings – Want to attract that special someone into your life? With a portrait painting, you can attract true love into your life easily!
When you see a portrait, you immediately think of people, make connections and forge relationships in your mind – all at once. You're channeling your ideas and thoughts into the people or relationships you want to attract into your life.
There are a wide variety of portrait paintings on offer here at Explosion Luck from single portraits of women/men to crowds of people.
However, portrait paintings are not just for attracting love into your life. You can also use portrait paintings for all types of relationships from getting more loyal friends to forging a better relationship with your family to gaining better communication skills. Basically, for all types of social interaction, a portrait painting is ideal for you!

Hummingbirds – Hummingbirds are some of the most inspirational birds that have taken to the sky. They are smaller than the human heart and weigh only a few ounces. Just take a look at a few hummingbirds in a park, and you'll immediately feel their positive radiation.
Hummingbirds spread kindness and love as they fly through the air and sing their song of happiness. It's no doubt that hummingbirds are positive little creatures.
That's why hummingbird photos have the power to attract love into your life. When you see a photo of hummingbirds on your wall, you immediately start to think of the kindness they bring. Thinking of kindness can only lead to thinking of love.

Through a hummingbird photo, you can focus your thoughts on making connections with other people, spreading kindness and ultimately, finding true love.
If you don't take my word for it, many people who bought hummingbird photos have found their true love. For example, Nancy in Florida had spent a lot of her life searching for her one true love and soul mate. After a lot of searching, it seemed pretty much impossible for her as she tried for so long. Then, the tables turned. She bought a hummingbird photo right here on Explosion Luck.

Take a guess at what happened then.

You bet. A man came into her life, she fell in love and so did he. He was her true love and she knew in her heart, that it was real. Today, they now live happily together.
You can also get a Hummingbird and Orchid painting which combines the hummingbird's gentle and loving aura with the orchid. In Eastern culture, the orchid symbolizes beauty and feminine grace. Combine both the Hummingbird and the orchid, and you get a painting which oozes love and beauty.

Feng Shui Paintings for Health and Prosperity

Want to stay healthy or just be prosperous? Look no further. Take a look at these paintings which will cleanse your body, spirit and soul.

Mountains – Feel like you're stuck in a rut? Want to change a certain aspect of your life, but it just won't work? Want rapid growth or change?
It's time to ascend through this and achieve prosperity. Mountains show that anything is possible, as they ascend and soar higher than the clouds, and become objects of awe.
Even though mountains are just solid formations, that doesn't mean you can't apply their philosophy into your life. By hanging a mountain painting or photo on your wall, you become more open to possibility, give yourself the mentality that reaching your dreams is possible and above all, you get work done. Mountains are inspiring formations which will bring feel good vibes into your home or workplace, and bring positive change.

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Water Art – Water is the key to life, and brings health and prosperity to all that occupy this Earth from humans to animals. In Feng Shui, water is a symbol of purity and also, of abundance. Water gives hope and life to all who drink it, which can only bring more possibilities and opportunities. Water also replenishes and heals with time, which brings health and prosperity.
Whilst water wall art painting won't replace treatment for your condition, it will certainly help you to channel your thoughts in a positive way towards replenishment and hope. Water art is the best way to do that.
Water is also great when you want to start afresh or make a radical change in your life, as water signals rebirth just as a water spring or waterfall always has new water on the pipeline

Landscape Paintings – Your home is one of the most important parts of your daily life. It's where you live a lot of your life, and where you sleep, relax and spend time with family and friends.

Your home needs to be full of harmony and positive energy. The best way to bring harmony and feel good vibes into your home is with Feng Shui landscape paintings.
A landscape painting represents a nature scene either with mountains or grasslands or forests or any wide angled shot of nature. Take a look at the landscape paintings and photos we’re offering here at Explosion Luck and you'll see for yourself, how serene and tranquil the images are.

Landscape paintings and photos are not only tranquil, peaceful and serene, but they also bring a lot of harmony and positive, feel good energy into your home. You will not only feel more energized, but you will think more positively, stay in the present moment and absorb the harmonious energy within your home. This happens through the promotion of "Qi" or Chi, which are essential to Feng Shui.

There is a wide variety of landscape paintings which you can get, so you may feel very overwhelmed by this. Firstly, scroll through the many paintings, and look in particular for a painting which resonates with you. Choose a landscape painting that has an image you love, the image "calls out to you" and you feel happy when you see the painting.

This is the ideal painting for you!

Always go with your instinct and choose a landscape painting which suits your needs. You'll often find that your intuition will tell you which painting will give you the most harmony and success.

Feng Shui Paintings for Strength

Finding life difficult? Need that resilience to bounce back and achieve your goal? These paintings are for you!

Bears – Bears live in a harsh, crude environment where their lives become a game of the survival of the fittest. Bears live mainly on fish, and occasionally, small animals if they can find them.
Life can be very difficult for a bear, but its grit, resilience and courage symbolizes just that, its power to survive and stay strong no matter what the conditions.
You may find that you are finding life difficult in general, or in a certain area of your life whether it's your career, finances or relationships. A painting of a bear will emit a sense of resilience, and will give you the strength you need to get through the difficult time of your life, and come out victorious.

Eagles – In Chinese culture, the eagle represents courage, strength and boldness. It signals power, and demonstrates the inner strength within it. If you received a painting sporting an eagle, it would be considered a great honor, in Chinese culture. If you are looking to bring more resilience to your personality, and build up your inner strength a painting of an eagle is a must. 


Feng Shui Paintings for Career

Want to progress further with your career? Want to feel good about your job? Want to bring success to your business? These paintings will do the job (excuse the pun) for you!

Western cowboy art – In a career, your main aim is to get work done, and a lot of it. You may feel that you are lagging behind on the amount of work that you get done in your career, or tend to procrastinate a lot. You promise yourself that you'll get a ton of work done that day, but end up surfing the internet or doing other tasks instead.

Or, if you own a business, you may feel that your profits aren't living up to what you're hoping they would be.

The best way to overcome the lack of business and career success is with horse paintings. The horse symbolizes power and shows that you can soar through anything with flying colors. The courage and strength from the horse emits a sense of powerful energy, and will help you gain a speedy ascent to success in your business or career.
Cowboys are also tenacious, hardworking and skillful at what they do. Their tactics get work done. They are also very speedy and show this speed and tenacity in any painting of them.

Combine all these attributes together and you'll find that a cowboy painting will speedily ascend you to success in your business or career, and will encourage you to get a lot of hard work done.

Feng Shui Paintings for Inner Peace

Feel like life is passing you by in a whirlwind? Want to slow down and enjoy the present moment? These paintings and sand art will help you enjoy life to the full and take a deep breath.

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Deer Paintings – If you want to rekindle some peace and focus more towards the greater good, a deer painting is what you need. Deer are very kind creatures who never want to harm anyone, and you can see this in the various paintings we offer here at Explosion Luck. It’s almost as if their gentleness radiates back to you, and you feel harmonious. Paintings of deer emit "motherly" energy and can heal broken relationships in the family.
To bring peace and harmony back into your life, in whatever aspect it may be, you should definitely consider a deer painting.

Still Life Paintings – The 21st century lifestyle is turning more into a 'so much to do, so little time' lifestyle and it can be very difficult to take time for meditation or stay in the moment. There's always another job to be done or another thing to check online. Taking time to just breathe is becoming less and less common, with most people staying constantly on the go.
With a still life painting, you will be able to focus your energy on the present and remember to relax a little through meditation. Through still life paintings, you will learn to take hold of the present and learn that life is not a destination but more, a journey.
The types of still life paintings you can get vary widely, but the most popular paintings include flowers such as lotus and lilac, or fruits including grapes or a fruit bowl. These paintings not only encourage you to enjoy the present moment, but also promote love and patience.

Sandart – Sandart is a unique 3D picture which (just like an hourglass), allows sand to move through the painting, and create a unique design. As you watch time go by, and see the sand sift away through the painting, you gain an insight into the true value of the present moment and the power of change. If you are living in a fast paced life style and want to slow down, and just take in the Earth from the present moment – a unique way to do it is with sandart. With sandart, you let your stress to dissolve away just as the sand moves slowly through the painting.

Buddhist art thangkas- Tibetan and Nepali Buddha thangka paintings and tapestries that were originally designed for contemplative experience are very helpful for mindful meditation and for getting you into the "zone".  They are also great for boosting fertility, healing a broken heart, and are as helpful as lucky charms improving for the success of Feng Shui for career.


Improve Your Life With Feng Shui Wall Art

As you have seen from the examples above, there is a painting out there that will help make your dreams a reality. From becoming successful in what you do, to improving your career life, to finding real love, to becoming calmer and more "in the moment", there's a painting that will help you reach that.
It may seem unrealistic that a painting can help you achieve your goals, but when you look at the results and the Feng Shui behind it, the clouds will clear. By hanging a Feng Shui painting on your wall, you are committing to achieving your goals, and as you see the painting every day, you will think about the painting, and the underlying message behind it.

And as Bob Proctor says, "Thoughts become things”, your thoughts will soon turn the goal into a reality.

All it takes to reach the stars, is some thought, a little action – and a Feng Shui painting.