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When it comes to purchasing gifts for the yogi in your family or group of friends, you might find yourself pondering what would be good for them.  Surely they have a surfeit of yoga mats and water bottles. So, when it comes to giving yoga lovers something to better their practice, you should consider some of the following examples of unique gifts for yoga lovers.

Tibetan Thangkas for Meditation

Nothing sets the ambiance of a meditation nook like having a beautiful Tibetan thangka to gaze into. These Buddhist paintings (alternatively spelled tangkas, thankas, or tankas) work much like figurines and mandalas during meditation. The images that are selected depict Buddha and Tibetan Buddhist deities or enlightened ones; and inviting such pure energy into a space is said to promote good luck and health.

Yogis will adore a Buddhist Thangka for many reasons: meditation practice, atmosphere, and concentration. Plus, a thangka would be a great accent piece in a yoga studio!

Guanyin (Kwan Yin) Gifts

Do you know a yogi who is the epitome of compassion and grace? Do they exude the aura of a Bodhisattva? Gifts that feature Kwan Yin are perfect for yogis, friends, and yoga teachers, who promote kindness and understanding. Holding onto a Guanyin figurine or pendant helps a yoga practitioner channel good energy into themselves and their surroundings. In a yoga studio, the presence of Guanyin will add a touch of Feng Shui and help others find their balance.

Kwan Yin gifts would also be wonderful for those who might be in need of some prenatal yoga (or teach it), because this particular Bodhisattva of Compassion is also said to increase fertility levels!

Feng Shui Decorative Pillows

Does the yoga lover you are hoping to find a gift for love pillows? The wonderful thing about Feng Shui printed decorative pillows is that they add a touch of comfort wherever you put them—in the living room, the yoga studio, the meditation nook, or on your bed. Plus, pillows make for functional art.

Better yet, although these are decorative, the yogi might want to incorporate their new pillow into their practice. Having something Feng Shui to support their back or head during savasana or putting it beneath their legs during dandasana could be just want they need for a more comfortable practice or restoration.

Explosion Luck has gorgeous examples of decorative Feng Shui pillows in stock.

Antique Buddha Statues

Big or small, a Buddha statue is quite the statement piece; and it is something a yogi who loves Feng Shui and Buddhism will absolutely adore. Depending on the size of the figure, and the type of Buddha, these pieces are more than simple artwork. Yoga practitioners will often rest figurines in their palm during meditation to guide their focus and thoughts. Of course, larger statues are often “enshrined,” and can become a focal point in your friend’s yoga studio or home practice space.

Any yogi will be thrilled to receive something as thoughtful and useful as a Buddha statue. Such offerings are considered wishes for good luck and prosperity. The busy yogi can bring their Buddha with them on the road or into the cubicle, so that they can take a moment and reflect anywhere they are in the world. So why not give your favorite yoga lover or instructor a Buddha figurine and let your warm wishes of success and health accompany them for years to come?

Spiritual Jewelry for Her and Him

Nothing displays one’s gratitude more than giving someone the gift of luck, wealth, and longevity. Feng Shui inspired jewelry is magical; and anyone can enjoy the benefits. Should your yogi friend not have a home studio to hang a thangka or keep a pillow, a wearable version is the answer! You see, just as a painting or statue brings good vibes to any environment, Feng Shu jewelry and good luck charms bring goodness and happiness to the wearer.

Some examples are spiritual pendants, healing crystals, and talismans. Feng Shui pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes too, so whatever your yogi likes, you can surely find it. Because most have a decent length and don’t dangle, these meditation jewelry pieces of wearable Feng Shui art can be worn during practice.

Browse our expansive selection of unique handmade yoga gifts to choose from. However many yoga lovers you are shopping for this holiday season, let Explosive Luck inspire you.