Six Good Luck Housewarming Gifts You Need for Your New Home

buy good paintings for a new home at Explosion Luck

Finding good paintings for home and other good luck housewarming gifts for women and men is important for the thoughtful gift givers.

A new home or a new apartment is nothing but a skeleton until the homeowners fill it with things that give it a personality that reflects upon those who occupy its spaces. After buying a new home, the new homeowner will benefit from Feng Shui decorating to erase the energies cultivated by the previous residents.

Explosion Luck’s online good luck gift store features countless Feng Shui decorating products and unique decorative items that will make any home a peaceful place. Still there are several good luck gifts that will yield exceptionally good luck and fortune, making these items essential to fostering good energy in a newly occupied home.

Handmade grasshoppers and cricket art statues from Explosion Luck will bring good luck and positive Feng Shui energy into any room in which they are placed. In nature, the cricket and grasshopper are beautiful and naturally harmonious creatures. This natural harmony makes these handmade grasshoppers and handcrafted cricket statues integral items for achieving peace and harmony in the home through Feng Shui. For a person who values nature and the environment, these gifts bring extra good luck.

Unique Feng Shui gifts, such as the "When I'm With You" romantic art statue featuring a pair of turtles will help strengthen the loving relationship of the couple that inhabits this new house or apartment. 

Feng Shui paintings and artwork bring luck and peace into any room in the house or the apartment where they are hung. Feng Shui art for sale at Explosion Luck depicts many different types of scenes, including wildlife, landscapes and spiritual Buddhist meditative themes. All images depicted in Explosion Luck’s Feng Shui paintings will inspire positive thinking, productivity and inner peace. Tranquil sunsets over bodies of water, mountains poking at the horizon and crystal blue waterfalls are just a few examples of the types of sceneries that infuse a new home with prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Tibetan Thangkas tapestries are ornate paintings that depict Buddhist deities. These works of art not only yield positive energy and bring peace to a room, but they also protect your home from evil and the temptations that come from desire and envy. Tibetan Thangkas bring with them strong inner peace, concentration and mindfulness. Tibetan thangka is a great housewarming gift for a person looking to start a new life in a new home and needing more positive energy during the transitional process.

Kwan Yin gifts are inspired by Buddhist art and the Chinese goddess of Mercy. Such Feng Shui gifts include Kwan Yin statues, throw pillows, tapestries and pendant necklaces. These good luck gifts will shift the energy levels inside your home and bring about an auspicious, more peaceful and positive energy. The placement of a Kwan Yin statue atop a dresser or shelf can drastically change the feel of a room from questionable to safe, peaceful and secure. These good luck gifts will help promote prosperity and positive thinkng.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of sitting Buddha statues as unique housewarming gifts at Explosion Luck sitting Buddha statue in a new home. You don’t want to carry the energies and problems of the previous homeowner with you. Strategically placing a bronze statue of a calming or meditating Buddha in the new home will promote prosperity and mindfulness. Consider buying an antique Feng Shui Buddha statue in order to make the transition into a new home as peaceful as possible.