Good Luck Charms to Carry When You Travel Abroad

Travel protection charms and travel talismans are very important for those who travel domestically and internationally. Whether you are traveling for work, school or pleasure, traveling is one of the best things you can do to achieve inner peace and prosperity. Traveling gives you new perspectives on your own life and changes your attitudes about things that are really important and what that make you happy.
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Seeing a place different from your own corner of the world will give you a much-needed perspective in your own life. Meeting people from other cultures can teach you many things. For example, it can show you that your way of seeing the world – perhaps through mass or social media – is not the only way. In fact, you may learn that your way of seeing the world is harmful, misguided or self-indulgent. Gaining this insight into your own life can bring a healthy dose of reality into your day-to-day mindset when you get home.

Traveling presents both new challenges and new opportunities. It is in the midst of these that we learn the most about ourselves and what we are capable of. By stripping the conveniences we rely on in our day-to-day lives, such as TV, Starbucks and Uber, you can learn more about yourself and what’s important to you.

International travel presents lots of challenges you may have never faced before. Every time you overcome one of these challenges, you develop new skills and improve on those skills you may not have known you had. Starting up a conversation with a friendly stranger will improve your social skills. Climbing a mountain or going white water rafting will allow you to access diverse skill sets such as upper body strength, patience and grace under pressure. Overcoming these challenges will give you the confidence to face different types of challenges using those same skill sets when you return home.

You may find it difficult to truly embrace the freedom that comes with traveling when you are away from home. This is because sometimes we are bogged down by our own insecurities and preconceived notions of what we deserve and want. You may wish to carry a good luck charm with you to help build confidence in new situations.

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Explosion Luck’s Feng Shui jewelry and inspirational Tibetan Buddhist jewelry pendants make for easy-to-carry charms that bring the wearer good luck and inspiration everywhere they go. Tibetan Thangkas and other Buddhist wall art decor pieces along with amethyst crystal clusters for meditation bring good fortune to all spaces in which they are hung. You might consider bringing a Tibetan Thangka along to hang in your hotel room to protect you from misfortune while abroad.

Research has proven that people who spend their money on experiences are a lot happier than those who spend their money on physical products.

Traveling is one of the most valuable things one can buy with money, in that the act of traveling yields priceless life experiences. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner or with a large group, the things you do and see while traveling will change you and mold you into a better, more well-rounded person for when you’re back at home. So travel more and travel often, and protect yourself with safe travel gifts that attract good luck from Explosion Luck.