Unique Good Luck Gifts for Art, Culture, Travel, History, Antique Lovers

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Buying unique good luck gifts for art, culture, travel, history and antique lovers is not easy. 

In fact, it may be as challenging as coming up with unique gift ideas for creative people and cool gift ideas for entrepreneurs.

It is much easier to start brainstorming good luck ideas for travelers and good luck ideas for travelling in advance. When someone’s birthday rolls around, it doesn’t take much effort or creativity to put cash in an envelope, wrap up a generic big brand item or purchase a gift card from a department store. For an impersonal Secret Santa or a sullen, pre-teen nephew you know absolutely nothing about, those might be great options. But what about when the birthday is for someone you really care about, someone whose gift you want to put real thought into? What about when that person is someone who loves Buddhist art, travel, or other cultural pursuits? Someone who deserves a unique gift for safe travel, a real good luck gift for travelling.  Unsurprisingly, a generic gift card simply won’t suffice. Travelers and other creative people deserve unique creative gifts that bring good luck, such as fengshui travel amulets, Fung Shway travel talismans, Feng Shui travel good luck charms, especially from their close friends and family.

But whether or not you are an art or travel lover yourself, never fear- we have the perfect gift for every creative type. Here are some good gift ideas and our suggestions for unique online gifts you can get that art, culture, travel or history lover in your life:

Good Luck Gifts for the Globetrotter

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There are several difficulties travelers can encounter as they wander around the world. These can range from the dangerous and exhausting (good-bye, creepy hotel I’d already paid for! Good-bye, international flight I just missed!) to the mildly irritating (such as running out of funds just before wanting to book that once-in-a-lifetime yoga retreat or sky-diving experience). Travel is amazing, but it can also have its low points. However, one of the most unexpected difficulties for travelers can be returning home to culture shock, missing the culture and little details of the places you fell in love with abroad. If your special someone has traveled to Asia, especially to engage in a yoga course, meditation retreat or to visit the gorgeous Buddhist temples of Cambodia, China, India or beyond, this little sitting Buddha statue would be the perfect good luck gift to greet them upon their return. This beautiful antique bronze “Calming Buddha” statue evokes the peacefulness of a Buddhist temple, and improves Feng Shui in the home, yoga studio, meditation corner, art room, and office.

Good Luck Gifts for the Culture Buff

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In a world of fast fashion, multinational chains and designs copied and re-copied over and over again by brand after brand, unique and one-off jewelry pieces with cultural significance stand out from the crowd. When searching for a thoughtful gift that combines style, culture and history, a symbolic good luck pendant can be the perfect choice. Good luck pendant necklaces are not only beautiful in themselves, but they can tell a story (not to mention complete an outfit). This white and green Feng Shui pendant depicts the goddess Guanyin, her seated form carved into solid jade. Guanyin is famed for her tranquility, her benevolent personality, her calming nature and her positive energy. Plus jade is a gemstone famous for bringing good luck!

Good Luck Gifts for the Antique Collectors

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There is a fine line between culture and history- the two are difficult to separate, and each feeds into the other. But there is something about authentic antique good luck gifts and retro gifts for men and women that can transport you back in time. Objects like these feel like a little slice of history. For those who love history and collecting precious objects from faraway places and eras, Tibetan antiques can be some of the most precious gifts they ever receive. This gorgeous antique Tibetan conch shell is not simply a historic artefact (which would be enough in itself to interest a history lover). It is also a cultural and religious icon. One of the Eight Buddhist Symbols, the conch symbolizes the teachings of Buddha and is often played as a horn during ceremonies. It’s also an intricate and unique Feng Shui artwork.

Good Luck Gifts for Art Lovers


buy Tibetan thangka Vajrasattva as a good luck gift at www.explosionluck.com

One of the most unique and creative gifts a person can receive is a personally-selected, authentic piece of art. Much like the above sitting Buddha statue, Feng Shui art can be restorative, spiritual, and calming. Displayed in a bedroom, art room, studio or any special space, Tibetan Buddhist artworks create a harmonizing effect and balance Feng Shui in the office and home. For a thoughtful artistic gift, Tibetan thangkas are a wonderful option. Thangkas, images of Buddhist deities, are traditionally used as aids in meditation, and are said to protect from evil. These powerful Tibetan tapestries are also believed to evoke healing energies, leading to mental, spiritual and physical health benefits. Give Tibetan thangka as a traditional artwork for appreciation, as a unique yoga gift, or a specialty meditation gift. Opt for an image in soothing and harmonious colors, like this thangka of the god Vajrasattva, a symbol of cleansing, purification and compassion.

Antique Gifts for History Lovers

Even non-smoking history buffs will be thrilled to receive a unique antique Chinese smoking pipe that will help them travel vicariously to the Far East without leaving their homes.