Amethyst Crystal Clusters for Prosperity and Meditation


Amethyst crystal clusters have been used for centuries by Chinese feng shui practitioners to promote prosperity and to assist in spiritual meditation. In fact, Amethyst crystal clusters for sale at Explosion Luck are unique in that they have been celebrated for their beauty and healing powers for millennia, as much as more precious diamonds and gemstones.

Amethyst Crystal Clusters for Home Decor and Enhanced Spirituality

Feng Shui crystals in the form of amethyst crystal clusters help cleanse auras, purify areas of negative energy, and provide spiritual protection for users. This makes our  Amethyst crystal clusters perfect for those seeking better spiritual direction in life, as well as Feng Shui enthusiasts who wish to harmonize the energies in their homes, offices, workplaces, meditation rooms, and other kinds of living spaces.

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How Do Amethyst Crystal Stones Work?

First, the colors of the amethyst crystal have a mysterious effect on Qi (energy). Amethyst comes in a variety of shades, from deep, almost indigo purples, striking violet, to light, pastel pinks. These feng shui colors give the amethyst crystal clusters an intense healing power. The intensity of the color signals more power.

The amethyst cluster meaning in feng shui has a lot to do with the color as well. Deep purple is the color of wisdom and nobility. Because of this, the color has high vibrations that connect it to this realm and the spiritual one. You will notice that many people place purple-colored feng shui talismans or amethyst in the money corner of their room to invite good fortune.

Outside of spirituality, the color purple has been used in many cultures as a symbol of royalty. Violet, especially in the crystallized form called amethyst, is associated with Sahasrara, or the crown chakra, the center of happiness and positivity. Therefore, the violet color invites beauty, creativity, inspiration, higher consciousness, and vision. Being attuned to violet or purple energies means having pure thought, inner resilience, and enhanced self-awareness.

Amethyst Crystal Rocks for Enhancing Creativity

While feng shui Amethyst crystal clusters are known to promote calm and clear areas and people of negative energy, the Amethyst crystal rocks can significantly enhance creative and imaginative energy. This makes our beautiful Amethyst crystal clusters perfect for gifting to artistic friends and relatives. At the same time, placing our Amethyst crystal clusters around your own creative space will help enhance your creative workflow, whilst also working as truly beautiful feng shui home decor and conversation pieces.

Use Healing Amethyst Crystal Clusters to Conquer Negativity

Amethyst geode slices have healing properties. The dark purple crystals draw in negative energy, purify it, and return it back into the space as serenity. Healing amethyst stone can balance your unsettled emotions. Any place where you might begin to feel tension should also have a few amethyst crystals decorating the space. The first place that comes to mind is the office.

Use Amethyst in the Office for Prosperity

Since amethyst is one of the most powerful feng shui crystal, our clients love to place deep purple amethyst clusters for wealth and prosperity in their workspaces. Looking into the crystals has a soothing, meditative effect that promotes clarity, so you can work more productivity and triumph over your to-do list. For those who hold meetings and conferences or engage in collaborative work, the power of amethyst crystal can increase your negotiating prowess.

Looking into the crystals as you speak on the phone or holding an amethyst cluster in the palm of your hand will aid in opening the crown chakra. You will experience better intellectual reasoning, helping you get the business deals that will truly benefit your work. Moreover, if you are an investor, amethyst’s ability to heighten your intuition will also ward off the tendency to take unneeded risks.

The amethyst crystal clusters available at Explosion Luck are about 5”x 4”x 3”, so a number of them will fit perfectly wherever you decide to place them around the office, and, especially, on your desk.  That's one of the reasons they make a great feng shui gift for business success!

Bring Amethyst Clusters into Your World Today

If you want a true feng shui experience, use deep purple amethyst crystals for wealth and prosperity. When you add amethyst to the office, you are taking action. You are gaining good fortune and power. Amethyst stone amplifies your intelligence, gives you clear insight, and stabilizes your emotions.

So what are you waiting for?

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