Stress Relief Gifts for Men and Women


The online feng shui gifts store Explosion Luck offers amazing stress relief gifts for her and for him. These unique wellness gifts, yoga gifts, meditation room products and supplies, Kwan Yin gifts, Chinese hand fans, amethyst crystal clusters are inspired by fengshui art, Zen decorating and Buddha wall decor.  These unique anti-stress gifts that bring good energy will help you, your loved ones and friends get out of overwhelm, de-stress and focus energy on improving the life, business and fortune.

Unique Stress Relief Gifts for Her and Him

Stress is an unavoidable factor in crazy busy daily life. There is often at least one person or thing demanding something from us at any given moment. This can leave anyone feeling drained or agitated. Some people are under so much constant stress that they don’t even feel stress anymore.  They have gotten used to anxiety, depression and attention deficit. This is not a healthy way to live!

Think about the places where you feel the most tension and overwhelm. Is it at work? At home? Perhaps you have a home office, or an office desk, where you spend most of your free time hard at work amidst a cloud of stress and frustration. Maybe your situation at home has become less than favorable lately, causing you to feel stressed out beyond the normal work hours.

Begin eliminating those feelings of stress by decorating your home and work space with Explosion Luck’s unique life-improving relaxation gifts, Buddha gifts and popular stress relief gifts for women and men.


Stress Relief Gifts for Loved Ones

Our specialty Feng Shui relaxing paintings, photographs, Tibetan Buddhist thangkas, feng shui jewelry, jewelry boxes, grasshopper art, cricket figurines and bronze sitting Buddha statues are handcrafted and designed to bring about good luck and contribute to an environment that fosters good energy, creativity and mindfulness-based stress reduction. You can use these stress relief and wellness products as unique beginner meditation gifts for your Mom and Dad, fiance and fiancee, girlfriend and boyfriend, wife and husband for all occasions. 


Meditation Gifts For Yoga, Zen and Meditation Lovers

If you are living a holistic lifestyle, you want to create serenity, peace and good feng shui in your home. You regularly practice yoga, meditation, tai chi, Qigong (also spelled qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung), Reiki, Zen, or other forms of mindfulness-based stress reduction to combat feelings of stress and aggravation. In addition to yoga you're interested in spirituality, psychology, neuroscience, health and fitness.  Perhaps you’ve even set up a meditation room or a Buddhist altar inside your home. You would benefit from Explosion Luck's specialty Tibetan Buddhist meditation jewelry, good luck pendants and Buddha home decor items, such as Tibetan thangkas for meditation, meditating Buddha paintings and Buddhist statues and other unique meditation gifts for him and her.


Inspiring Stress Relief Gifts For Relaxation

Many of us are constantly on the go, living our active and hectic lifestyle with no time to squeeze in any relaxation or stress relief practice into our daily schedule. If you belong to a "type A"’ personality and are busy focusing your energy elsewhere, we offer various wellness and stress relief gifts for women and men.  These Fung Shway inspired gifts are relaxation oriented products and stress management gifts that stimulate calmness, enable inner peace, encourage mindfulness and improve mental and physical health. The unique and beautiful good luck gifts include our online exclusive Limited Edition handmade grasshopper statues, antique Chinese Guanyin bronze statues, Feng Shui paintings, falling sand art pictures, and Chinese tabletop screens with Feng Shui artwork.  Any one of these thoughtful gifts adds much needed serenity into any room in which they are placed.


Meditation Gifts to Change Your Mindset

It can be extremely difficult to work in a messy or cluttered environment. The inner procrastinator may come out in this kind of workspace, cleaning and rearranging, getting distracted from the task at hand. The opposite occurs when an office is decorated with meditation supplies and stress relief gifts for sale at Explosion Luck. Our inspirational fengshui paintings and photographs, sitting Buddha statues, Tibetan thangkas featuring meditating Buddhas, Feng Shui jewelry, meditation gifts are curated and designed to flip that switch and encourage productivity, a more positive attitude, and a feeling of motivation you may have never experienced before.

When you change your mindset, you will be astounded at how easy it is to change so many different aspects of your life moving forward.

One simple way to change your mindset, especially if you’ve been stuck in a rut, is by altering your surroundings. By decorating your meditation room, work and home spaces with our unique stress relief presents and relaxation gifts, you will find your stress levels plummet and begin to feel more uplifted and inspired than you’ve felt in the past. Trust our joyful Feng Shui relaxation gifts to help you regain balance, achieve inner peace and unlock you hidden potential for a more prosperous life.