How Beginner Meditation Gifts Can Improve Your Concentration

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Many people want to know where to buy beginner meditation gifts that improve concentration.  

Here, at the online shopping website Explosion Luck, we’ve blogged about the power of Tibetan thangkas and Feng Shui paintings to improve the creativity of writers and artists.  The best work, study and creative processes happen when you’re deep in concentration that is only achievable through meditation.

Focus helps sharpen your thoughts and helps those thoughts to flow smoothly. Whether revising, writing a presentation, painting, coding a computer program or creating a musical masterpiece, focusing will bring a new clarity to the whole process.

How to Improve Your Concentration While Studying

Many articles on improving concentration recommend the obvious things such as having a dedicated place to study, limiting distractions, ensuring you sleep well and take regular exercise breaks. General advice often also includes emptying your mind before beginning a period of study. This is where a feng shui artwork can pull your thoughts towards a focal point of study. Depending on your preference a Tibetan thangka, a Buddhist pendant necklace, a water image, a sand art picture, or an amethyst crystal cluster could be a good starting point. Focus on these pieces of Feng Shui artwork for a few minutes before beginning to study, and experience the difference in the improved ability to retain information.

How to Increase Concentration

Concentrate on Feng Shui water painting for a minute. Imagine that water sweeping your worries and concerns away. There they go, over the waterfall and away down the river. Out of sight. Now your mind is open and ready to receive the new information you’re preparing to study. It’s a blank canvas to fill with the words of your next article, an image of a new painting, the notes of that song you always wanted to write. The key is to have an open and receptive mind. Let the fast river sweep away your worries, as you immerse yourself in the calming blue waves of the water element.

How to Improve Concentration Skills

A Feng Shui sand art picture is another great way to improve concentration skills. Sand is an earth element, and it will bring balance, stability and focus. The grains of sand are always moving. They will take those things that you’re worrying about with them to the bottom of the pile. Leave them there and you’re ready to fill your head with more positive things; new learning, new images, new thoughts. It may seem like a strange thing to do at first, but after a while you will find it becomes more natural.

Ways to Help Concentration

You must have heard the expression ‘give it to God’, or “turn it to God” when you’re looking for the solution to a problem. With a Buddhist thangka tapestry you can do just that. Hang a piece of Buddhist deity art in your office or meditation room and mentally hand your problems over to the deity before beginning a period of study, contemplation or planning. Let the Tibetan thangka help solve your problems while you concentrate on moving your life forward with new knowledge and strategies.  To achieve faster results, wear sacred Buddhist pendants close to your heart for improved concentration during meditation and to improve your luck.

What to Do to Improve Concentration

All these strategies can help concentration. Everyone has different ways of sharpening their focusing skills, but it boils down to:
1. Clearing your space and your mind with the help of mindfulness and meditation.
2. Putting an end to worrying about other things – imagine those worries being carried away from you
3. Eating, drinking and sleeping sensibly.

Take a few deep breaths while clearing your mind with assistance from your favorite Feng Shui gift and you’ll be ready to focus on the task at hand. Take your choice from our unique good luck gifts for women and men here at Explosion Luck and feel the positive feng shui energy helping you today.