Unique Graduation Gifts for Him and Her

unique graduation gifts inspired by Feng Shui art at www.explosionluck.com

Finding the top graduation gift for him or her can be a challenge. Make your intentions known by giving one of unique Feng Shui graduation gifts available at Explosion Luck to a beloved recent graduate in your life. At this time in their lives, new graduates face a lot of uncertainty. Promote peace-of-mind and good fortune in their lives by giving them a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gift that brings good luck and promotes good fortune.

Consider purchasing Kwan Yin gifts for new graduates to bring good luck to their lives. All Kwan Yin gifts are inspired by Buddhist art and imagery of Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of Mercy and Compassion. For a new graduate starting his or her first job, a Kwan Yin Buddhist statue would make a great desktop adornment, bringing them luck and improving Feng Shui of their work space. Similarly, gifting one of the available jade Guanyin pendants will ensure that the new graduate in your life carries good luck and prosperity with him everywhere he goes.

To improve Feng Shui at home or in the office, think about giving the gift of the Feng Shui Tabletop Art with Fish Paintings from Explosion Luck to a recent graduate you love. This great piece of tabletop art is 9.5 x 18.25 inches in size and fits perfectly on any desktop. This exquisite piece of artwork is made up of six panels, each three inches in width. The design on the lacquered panels, a tranquil scene featuring koi fish swimming with red and white lotus flowers, is guaranteed to bring the gift recipient peace of mind and inspiration.

Tibetan Thangka paintings and tapestries from Explosion Luck is another fantastic and thoughtful gift for a new graduate. Gifting one of these beautiful and ornate Tibetan Thangkas is a great way to promote prosperity, good health and career achievement in someone you love and care about. Because these Tibetan Thangkas are instrumental in furthering mindfulness and meditation, this Buddhist art gift to new graduates is a great way of helping them increase focus and determination when embarking on the newest chapter in their lives.

Purchase moving sand art from Explosion Luck to give the gift of stress relief and mindfulness. A moving sand picture frame makes a great adornment in any room but especially in a home or work office, where it will increase mindfulness and facilitate productivity and balance. These one-of-a-kind pieces of art would make a perfect gift for your loved one who is working hard toward bettering himself through hard work and focus. This handcrafted sand art pieces come in many different sizes and improves the Feng Shui of any room.

Don’t miss out on the unique and one-of-a-kind handmade grasshopper and cricket art statues, created to spread good luck and prosperity. Much like the grasshopper does in nature with each leap, these figurines from Explosion Luck carry positive Feng Shui wherever they are resting. These Feng Shui art figurines promote harmony and peacefulness, a perfect gift for a new graduate who loves nature, animals and entrepreneurship. Show your loved ones how you care for them by gifting them the gift of luck and positive Feng Shui energy.

If you’re looking to give the gift of prosperity and love, don’t hesitate to purchase Feng Shui jewelry, such as Bohemian necklaces, Buddhist pendants and Asian good luck charms. These high quality, handmade good luck jewelry products promote success and mindfulness. Give the gift of a good luck pendant or amulet to a recent graduate to stimulate a positive and joyful outlook on the future.

It is very likely your graduate will be so impressed with the unique graduation gift that brings good luck, that he or she would even sign up to become one of Explosion Luck's Brand Ambassadors!