Give Feng Shui Jewelry, Tibetan Thangkas to Promote Mindfulness

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We’ve blogged about the importance of unique gifts for him and her, Feng Shui jewelry, Tibetan thangkas and Feng Shui paintings in promoting good luck, mindfulness, mindful meditation, and stress relief.

The holiday season is once again upon us. Although it can be fun to surprise the people in our lives with just the right gift, shopping can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. With all of the options in the gift market, shopping can be overwhelming -- especially when you're seeking to give something personal, enjoyable, and also useful.  That's where Feng Shui art, Buddhist jewelry gifts and lucky Feng Shui pendants come in.

Last year, the most common New Year's resolutions were centered around self-improvement. People are living more stressful lives than ever these days. It seems that only rarely do we have the ability to slow down, relax, and really live in the moment. With the frantic pace of everyday life come some very unhealthy habits: anxiety, stress, and a desire to move in too many directions at once. This frenetic modern lifestyle can make us very unhappy, not to mention unhealthy.

The practice of meditation and mindfulness can be a tremendous advantage to those who are chronically overworked or stressed. When we meditate, we slow our minds down. We become one with our breath and our bodies. Through this ancient relaxation technique, we can actually increase our enjoyment of life and decrease our worries. Taking just a few moments to meditate each day can actually make us feel healthier and less stressed. As a reminder of the importance of meditative mindfulness, meditation enthusiasts often seek inspirational meditation aids, such as mindfulness Buddhist pendant necklaces, to allow the mind fully open up to the mindfulness. Tibetan thangkas can also serve as a perfect visual accompaniment to this practice.

Each Buddha thangka (also called a thanka, tangka, and tanka) is elaborately crafted and full of beautiful Buddhist symbols that can remind us of the importance of meditation and mindfulness. Thangkas are true works of art; they serve not only as a meditative focal point and beautiful object d'art, they also impart their positive energy and good luck into your living or workspace. Buddhist thangkas are important visual reminders for us to slow down, take a breath, and replace that voice of urgency within ourselves into a calm and restful whisper.

Feng Shui is another practice that infuses its practitioners with mindfulness and good vibes. By utilizing the natural Feng Shui properties of the items that fill our living spaces, we can actually harness the positive energy around us to gain greater fortune and contentment. Explosion Luck's Feng Shui Buddhist pendant necklaces and antique Tibetan amber pendants are not just practical for these important techniques, but are also fashionable and elegant. Inspired by practices such as meditation and yoga, these pendants are created to be worn and admired. They are also wonderful and tangible pieces that can be used in your daily meditation routines. The natural minerals such as jade, crystal, and stone in these Feng Shui pendants will keep you feeling grounded, while their intricate beauty will lift your spirits.

If you are currently wondering about the perfect good luck gift for someone that you love, consider these meditative treasures for your loved one. The peace and mindfulness that these lovely items provide will be a true and lasting gift that brings love, well-being and pleasure far beyond this holiday season.