Feng Shui Art for Writers and Artists: Jumpstart Your Creativity

Feng Shui art from www.explosionluck.com helps writers and artists regain creativity


Unique gifts for creative people and creative gift ideas for creative people are difficult to come by.  Fortunately, Chinese Feng Shui art can help come up with some truly inventive and unique gift ideas.  Feng Shui art has always fascinated and intrigued writers, artists, book lovers, travel, art, culture and history lovers, movie lovers and other creatives  from all over the world. You lead a crazy busy life, working hard both professionally and personally to achieve success and maintain a necessary amount of happiness and contentment in order to thrive and feel truly at peace at any given moment. But with deadlines to worry about, projects to complete, bills to be paid, household chores to be done, and any number of other obligations scurrying around and cluttering up your mind, it can be hard to find time and inspiration for pursuit of activities that feed your soul and just make you feel good. We often feel at our best when we are creating something: baking/cooking for fun, painting, playing music, writing, or even creating moments of contentment by reading a good book or watching a movie you enjoy. If you aren’t creating, you are stagnating, moving through life as though each day is a checklist to complete. But when you create, your soul comes alive.

So let’s say you finally carve out some time to sit down and write a story, or finish your oil painting. You go to your office or studio where it’s quiet, you sit down and get comfortable, and then...your thoughts stall, the words can’t find their way out, or the oil painting brush is not creating what you had in mind. You’ve spent so much time taking care of everyone else, completing all the important tasks in your day that you’ve drained your creative energy without even realizing it.

We want to help you get it back, and we can with some of the Explosion Luck Feng Shui art collections we list below.

Much of what you put into the world around you is returned to you tenfold. If you put stress, negative thoughts and a belief that your creativity will remain trapped in a black hole where you cannot reach it, you self sabotage yourself and will fail in your endeavors before you even start.

Our Feng Shui art collections will reinvigorate that positive, creative energy within so that you can be your best self again. When you see inspiring art, you will in turn be inspired to create, and that is what we aim to do with our Feng Shui gift collections.

Tibetan Thankgas for Office Feng Shui

When you are at peace in your soul, you can create your best work and your best moments. You can create better versions of yourself, thus making you more effective and positive with customers, clients, and everyone else around you. Bohemian Buddha Thankgas bring luck and positive energy to a room and positive people are always the most successful.

Feng Shui Water Element Paintings for Office Feng Shui

Water has long been a symbol of purity and abundance, and our Feng Shui water paintings will infuse your room, office, and/or household with calm energies. When you are calm and relaxed, you are open to anything, a blank canvas to be molded, capable of creating to your heart’s content.

Moving Sand Pictures for Office Feng Shui

There is something so soothing about moving sand, and you will feel the same with one our pieces hanging up in your office. Sand pictures excel at grounding you and helping you regain focus when you might feel scattered and disorganized. By regaining focus, you can then more easily help clients, customers, family and friends, as well as create anything you please.

Feng Shui Bird Paintings for Office Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, birds represent love, freedom and good news. By selecting one of our Feng Shui bird art pieces, you are inviting prosperity and good fortune back into your office and your life. Prosperity and good fortune will help cultivate your creative energy by ultimately relaxing you and freeing you of your worries.

Feng Shui Mountain Paintings for Office Feng Shui

Mountains represent achievement, success, wisdom and support. By purchasing one of our Feng Shui mountain paintings, you are creating a beautiful point of focus in any room as well as imbuing your spirit with wisdom and the ability to succeed with anything you want to create or achieve.