Good Luck Paintings for Home

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Everyone wants to know what good luck paintings for home are, and where to buy lucky pictures for home. Of course, this question has a much broader question behind it: How to use lucky Feng Shui paintings for prosperity? It’s very true that the way you choose to decorate your home can have tremendous effects on your ability to cope with stress, on your well being, on your luck in life, and on your wealth.

In Feng Shui, water represents purification, abundance, calmness and renewal. Explore our collection of Feng Shui water paintings for a way to bring abundance, stillness and tranquility to your home. If you work from home and experience stress or tension because of it, we recommend adorning your home office with an auspicious Feng Shui water painting. Doing this can balance out the conflicting energies and bring prosperity, peace and harmony to the room.

If you actively practice meditation, yoga or reiki to remain mindful, you might also benefit from one of Explosion Luck’s Tibetan thangkas and Kwan Yin wall art tapestries known to bring good luck, wealth and success to those who use them. These ornate, inspirational pieces of Buddhist artwork will enhance personal healing and increase focus, concentration and prosperity. Even if you don’t practice meditation, yoga or reiki, these Feng Shui Tibetan thangkas will fill your home or office with positive energy and feelings of well-being and inspiration.

Our exquisitely detailed Feng Shui still life paintings increase peacefulness and promote higher levels of thinking. Explosion Luck’s Feng Shui still life paintings feature a variety of subjects intended to invoke feelings that will better your state of mind and, in turn, your quality of life. In Feng Shui, flowers symbolize life and good fortune. If you’re beginning to feel lonely at home or stressed out at work, you might want to consider adding one of the Feng Shui still life paintings in our collection to your home wall decor. Our still life flower paintings possess creative and harmonic energies, yielding increased peace-of-mind and productivity.

Enjoy Explosion Luck’s stunning 3D sand art gifts including sandscape moving sand pictures, wall sand displays, desk sand art, sand pictures and sandscape art. Moving sand art represents the inherent energy in the earth and the never-ending movement of time. Placing a moving sand art gift in your home will create positive, calming energy that will increase your focus levels and yield higher levels of creativity and good fortune.

Birds are powerful symbols that tend to be associated with good news and freedom. This association between birds and good news means that hanging a Feng Shui bird painting in your home can have some serious effects on your home’s energy levels. Paintings of birds invite new opportunities and attract good fortune and prosperity. Birds are also often associated with positivity in romantic relationships. Welcome a positive change into your life by decorating your home with this symbol of change and prosperity.

We know your home is your personal sanctuary, a holy place where you flourish. Each unique Feng Shui painting in Explosion Life’s vast and diverse collection carries the right energies to foster a peaceful and prosperous home environment. Our Feng Shui paintings and Tibetan thangkas have calming, positive energies that will foster the right energy to allow you to be the best you that you can be. So bring in more good luck into your life today by combining the power of Feng Shui art with good luck paintings for home! Shop uncommon gifts for him and her and buy unique Feng Shui painting and pictures that bring good luck!