Unique Non-Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers at Explosion Luck

What does Feng Shui art and coffee have in common? We believe that both are God’s gift to Man.

Feng Shui art is based on the ancient Chinese practice, art and science, whereby feng shui masters and practitioners harness the natural energy in the environment to bring harmony and balance to our life. Today you, too, can harness the positive energy of your environment and enhance your life with unique good luck gifts for sale at Explosion Luck.  

With the help of our feng shui office paintings you can create a positive work environment conducive to business success and to boosting employee engagement and morale. And with the help of Tibetan thangkas and feng shui paintings for home you can bring more love, harmony and balance into your personal life and into your house.

Coffee is an art and a lifestyle. Just the aroma of it starts the hearts of many to pitter patter in anticipation. The flavor is intoxicating as the brown, caffeine-saturated droplets slither down one's throat. Coffee is also the national addiction. For many, the day cannot begin without a soothing coffee, which brings a sense of peace and normalcy to an otherwise insane world.

Explosion Luck has a number of unique non-coffee gifts for male and female coffee lovers and connoisseurs which are also made specifically to relieve stress, improve concentration and provide stimulation and inspiration like a good cup of coffee.

Consider, for example, the droplet-shaped Feng Shui pendant known as "Vairocana." Measuring slightly more than an inch wide and standing an inch and a half tall, this colorful Tibetan pendant pictures the three faces of the celestial buddha surrounded by a peaceful assortment of flowers. Wear it close to your heart and it is sure to bring both admiring comments and a sense of calm in times of trouble.

Alternatively, consider one of the hand crafted grasshopper images which are encased in an attractive 4" x 4" x 5" clear plexiglass box. The one entitled "Catch Me if You Can" is especially appropriate for coffee lovers, since it represents the carefree spirit of peaceful harmony that everyone hopes to find--just like a grasshopper flitting aimlessly from twig to twig. This particular grasshopper is crafted in a brilliant bluish purple color, with green and red highlights to give it contrast.

Another item designed to bring its owner serenity is the Buddhist tapestry entitled "Guanyin Standing by the Water". This 35" x 24" feng shui artwork depicts the beloved Chinese Goddess of Mercy. This spiritual wall art symbolizes purity and compassion, and radiates a calming presence to all who see it. Calm and normalcy are the foremost hopes of all coffee drinkers, and both precepts radiate profoundly from this delightful Buddhist artwork.

Another calming and inspiring gift from Explosion Luck is the 32" x 24" picture entitled "Abbey Island Looms Over Ruby Beach." This scenic island lies in Olympic National Park in the State of Washington. The feng shui image of this island has the appearance of a stately ship of tranquility, floating on a peaceful and calm sea. Just one look at the island entices the viewer to cast himself heedlessly into the water and swim over to its shore, in order to explore the hidden treasures the island certainly must have to offer on its green hillsides.

The wisdom of the Buddha is legendary and many people seek comfort in his words, just as many people seek comfort and energy in coffee. Therefore, all coffee lovers should consider the antique bronze statue entitled "Calming Buddha." Measuring nearly five inches tall and approximately three inches wide, this relaxed Buddha figure has its hands clasped and eyes closed in a perfect picture of deep meditation. In moments of stress when calm is so desperately needed--and a coffee is not readily available--the mere sight of this reflective, peaceful little character should inspire a much-needed sense of gentle tranquility and positive attitude.