Feng Shui Tabletop Art Plum Blossom Painting

$98.00 $179.00

Buy Feng Shui tabletop art featuring a stunning plum blossom image on the front and an equally beautiful different image of plum blossom on the back.  This black lacquer folding screen for career success measures 9.5" x 18.25" and consists of six panels, each 3" wide, and serves as a great office ornament inspiring success and achievements. 

The plum is the fist of the fruit trees to bloom in early spring. In Chinese culture plum blossom (prunus, mei hua) is a symbol of long life and prosperity, as well as of courage and hope. Its delicate and beautiful five petal blossoms appear before the arrival of spring, way ahead of other kinds of flowers. Plum blossom, the beautiful courageous flower that survives in a very tough environment in the cold harsh winter, is also a symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity. 

This unique Feng Shui desk accessory doubles up an an inspirational tabletop art and makes a great Christmas gift for men, women and kids. To amplify its Feng Shui benefits, add the Feng Shui painting  Hummingbirds and Orchids, or the Feng Shui painting Lotus to your office or home walls.

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