Antique Bronze Statue Meditation Buddha

$395.00 $495.00

The Antique Bronze Meditation Buddha Statue exudes the wisdom of the sitting Buddha and makes a handsome addition to the decor of any room with its ornate design. Genuine artifact, the antique Buddha statue bears Chinese mark, indicating that it is from the China Qing dynasty. 

Measuring 7 inches by 3.5 inches by 4 inches in size, this bronze sitting Buddha statue is perfect for placing on a table, a desk or a shelf to enhance the beauty of a space or to serve as a focal point when you're meditating. Its compact size makes the bronze statue portable, freeing you to take it with you when you travel for meditations on the go. The statue shows the Buddha seated in the lotus position atop a lotus pedestal base. Every inch of his robes have been carefully engraved with traditional symbols and elaborate patterning to capture attention and delight the eye.

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