Antique Tibetan Amber Pendant

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Buy antique Tibetan amber pendant necklace Soul of the Tiger in our lucky jewelry collection. Allow its precious Feng Shui energy to fill you with strength and courage and wear it as your amulet jewelry, your protection charm, close to your heart. This exquisitely crafted double sided sterling silver Feng Shui amber repousse pendant measuring 3.4" x 2.4" x 0.3" has extensive details on the front and the back, and coral and turquoise inlay on its front.  This antique Tibetan sterling silver talisman pendant comes with a 16" contemporary metal chain.

In Chinese culture amber is a symbol of courage and strength, while its name translates as "soul of the tiger".  According to Chinese folklore, when a tiger dies, its soul enters the ground and becomes amber.

If tiger's spirit resonates with you, you might enjoy adding the inspirational photo Siberian Tiger Leaping Across River to your office or home wall art decor.

This antique Feng Shui amber statement necklace makes a great romantic gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, Mother's Day gift, and birthday gift. 

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