Feng Shui Tabletop Art with Fish Paintings

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A Chinese screen can make a handsome addition to any room, but in many homes and businesses, there just isn't enough space to place a full-size freestanding screen. With the Feng Shui Tabletop Art with Fish Paintings, you can enjoy all of the beauty of a traditional folding screen in a compact design that can be placed on a tabletop, desktop, shelf or mantel. Measuring 9.5 inches by 18.25 inches in size, the screen is comprised of six panels, each of which is 3 inches wide. The beautiful black lacquered piece makes a great office ornament. It is painted with an aquatic scene that includes orange koi fish, red and white lotuses and an array of other exotic plants. Chinese characters travel along the left side of the piece, and the screen features sturdy hinges.

To amplify your office and home Feng Shui, consider pairing this tabletop art with the Feng Shui painting Fish A Go Go I, or with the Feng Shui painting Goldfish.

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