Guanyin Standing by the Water

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Buy vertical Feng Shui embroidered thangka tapestry Guanyin Standing by the Water, 35" x 24".  This Chinese Goddess of Mercy, known in Tibetan Buddhism as Avalokiteshvara, symbolizes purity and embodies the motherly virtues of compassion.  She is worshipped for wealth, for male offspring and protection from all harm. 

In this Feng Shui wall art tapestry Guanyin (also spelled Guan Yin, Guan Yim, Kuan YimKwan Im, Gwan Yin, Quan Yin, or Kuan Yin) is holding a willow branch in her left hand and a jar with holy water in her right hand. She used willow branches to anoint the sick and dying with the nectar of life.

"Guanyin' when translated from Chinese means “he who listen to the sounds”. 

Use this inspirational Feng Shui wall hanging for protection, for fertility and for financial success.

To enhance the healing properties of this Feng Shui wall art tapestry, consider adding the following pendant necklaces to your Feng Shui jewelry collection: Guanyin in a White Flowing Dress; Guanyin on White and Green Jade; wearable art Feng Shui pendant necklace Guanyin; and Feng Shui Jade Pendant Guanyin Holding a Holy Water Jar.

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