Feng Shui Tabletop Art With Birds and Flowers

$98.00 $179.00

Buy Feng Shui tabletop art featuring amazing images of birds and flowers on the front and equally beautiful different images of birds and flowers on the back. This black lacquer folding screen for career success measures 9.5" x 18.25" and consists of six panels, each 3" wide. 

Feng Shui paintings depicting flowers and birds are very popular in Chinese art. Ducks and egrets have traditionally been paired with the lotus; cuckoos with azaleas; magpies with plum blossoms; swallows with apricots or willows; grouse with chrysanthemums.

This unique Feng Shui desk accessory and office ornament for career success and advancement doubles up an an stunning tabletop art and makes a great Christmas gift for men, women and kids. To amplify its positive energy you might consider adding a Feng Shui bird painting to your office or home wall art decor.

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