Antique Teapot with the God of Longevity Lao Shou Xing

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Buy unique antique teapot featuring the Daoist God of Longevity Lao Shou Xing (also known as Shou Lao and Shou Sin Kung).  He is shown holding a giant peach of immortality in his right hand.  His left hand holds a walking stick with a gourd attached to it.  The gourd contains life-giving elixirs.  Shou Sin Kung is accompanied by a young boy and a young girl symbolizing youth. 

The hand carved blessed images on the pumpkin-shaped vintage tea kettle bring longevity and prosperity to the owner of this feng shui teapot.

The Chinese stamp reads: Made during Qianlong Emperor's period, Qing Dynasty.

Shou Lao's image is a popular birthday motif. This antique Chinese bronze teapot is a great feng shui gift, as it will bring well-being to the lucky owner of this tea kettle.

This vintage Chinese teapot measures 7" x 4.5" x 3", and is a great feng shui gift for any occasion..

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