Antique Tibetan Red Conch Shell

$395.00 $535.00

The traditions of Buddhism become a work of art that will bring flair to the look of your home in the design of the Antique Tibetan Red Conch Shell. A lotus flower serves as the focal point for the design and bears the Tibetan Buddhist prayer "Om mani padme hum" in brass-toned silverwork. Colors of red, turquoise and indigo blue attract the eye to this conch shell, which would traditionally have been blown during worship to represent disseminating the messages of the Buddha to the world.

The conch shell is also a traditional Buddhist symbol for the teachings of the Buddha, making this piece deeply meaningful. Not just for those of Buddhist faith, this decorative antique will look handsome on any shelf, table, desk or mantel and can be enjoyed simply for its striking color, exceptional craftsmanship and ornate details.   This beautiful antique Tibetan artwork measures 7.5. inches by 3 inches. 

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