Avalokiteshvara with a Green Halo on Blue Background

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Buy inspirational Buddhist art thangka depicting Avalokiteshvara on this with a green halo against a blue background on this vertical embroidered tapestry, 35.25' x 23.75".  Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion known in Tibetan under the name of Chenrest, is holding a wish-fulfilling gem against his heart.  This symbolizes the mind's capacity for great compassion.

Richly dressed, he is sitting on a lotus throne and is holding a Buddhist "rosary", or a prayer necklace with 108 pearls (known in Sanskrit at Akshamala) in his right hand.  The prayer necklace helps concentration during meditation, as the meditator uses the beads to count the spoken mantras, or invocations.    

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