Avalokiteshvara on Navy Blue and Gold

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Explosion Luck's clients love inspirational Feng Shui Buddha thangka Avalokiteshvara, which is depicted on a gold and navy blue background. This vertical spiritual tapestry with gold embroidery (23.8" x 35.5"), is an excellent piece of meditation art as well as a great gift for yoga lovers.  It is available for sale in our Tibetan thangka tapestry collection.

Avalokiteshvara is the Buddha of Infinite Compassion, and appears in 108 different forms.  In this Buddha thanka, Avalokiteshvara has one face and four arms.  In the two front hands, this Tibetan deity is holding the wish-fulfilling jewel Cintamani, which is the symbol of compassion.  In the right rear hand, the deity holds a prayer necklace. In the left rear hand this Tibetan deity holds a lotus flower, the symbol of spiritual development.

In Nepal, Avalokiteshvara is known as Lokanatha or Lokeshvara ("lord of the world").   In China and Japan, Avalokiteshvara appears in female form as Guanyin and Kannon (or Kwannon), the Goddess of Compassion.

Invite Buddha thangka Avalokiteshvara into your office and home and infuse your personal spaces with the positive energy of Feng Shui!  Use it for meditation, to achieve balance in your life, to create more luck,as well as ensure future success and prosperity. If you want to derive even more benefits from Feng Shui artwork, then you should also purchase one of our Tibetan thangka pendant necklaces, which are available for sale in our Tibetan thangka jewelry collection.

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